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One Fact Planned Parenthood Isn’t Discussing

In Front Page, Unborn by Allen West

Question: have you heard anything else about ol’ infanticide loving Virginia Gov. Ralph “Blackface” Northam? Why of course you haven’t! As predicted, he has outlasted the news cycle. The progressive socialist media was only paying “lip service,” acting as though they cared.

See, when it comes to the left, the hypocrisy is completely evident. Take, for example, something we recently shared with y’all: the passing and signing of the Heartbeat Bill in Georgia by Gov. Brian Kemp. The left has become totally unhinged, and I mean doggone apoplectic. They are seeking to economically punish the Peach State. All because killing unborn babies as a means of birth control has become their religion of choice. Consider how celebratory the left was when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act into law. They were popping champagne bottles and even lit up the Empire State building in celebration of murdering our unborn children, in the third trimester.

Think about this, what Gov. Cuomo signed into law is the reason why the diabolical Dr. Kermit Gosnell is sitting imprisoned for life.

Let’s be honest, we all support reproductive health. To me, that means ensuring we find cures for uterine, ovarian, cervical, and breast cancers, along with rectifying the problems of fibroid tumors. The last ailment was something my own wife, Angela, had to undergo major surgery to fix, so that she could become a mother. Yes, Angela knows what reproductive health is, it means being able to give life, and that is why she has two lovely daughters who call her mom. However, what are the consequences for these dangerous leftist philosophies, not just for the baby, but for the mother?

As reported by Live Action:

“Pro-life watchdog group Operation Rescue, which tracks reports from sidewalk counselors at the nation’s abortion facilities, reports that the state of New York may already be seeing a disastrous impact upon women after passing the Reproductive Health Act. One of the provisions of that Act was to essentially allow unrestricted abortion, and another was to allow non-physicians to commit abortions.

Live Action News has previously noted that allowing non-physicians to commit [perform] abortions — most being wholly unprepared and undertrained to deal with any complications that may arise — would lead to greater risks for women. 

Montana, too, has put women at risk in allowing such a provision, and this past week, a judge ignored 40 years of precedent in choosing to allow non-doctors to commit these risky procedures in Virginia, even though he admitted, “… I don’t believe their training would support them managing complications.”

While a first-trimester abortion may only take around five to ten minutes to complete, there is a risk of uterine perforation, hemorrhaging, and even death (Cree Sheppard died recently after having a first-trimester abortion at a Planned Parenthood in Kalamazoo, Michigan). 

The Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood in New York City is becoming known for its medical emergencies. The most recent patient with complications was transported by ambulance on April 30, 2019, “distraught and in visible pain,” according to a witness who spoke to Operation Rescue. 

OR notes, “Within a 72-day time span from February 16 to April 30, 2019, a total of six women are known to have been transported to a local hospital due to a medical emergency at the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood that its staff were not capable of treating.” 

According to the reports of sidewalk counselors, just three ambulance calls were observed and documented at the Sanger Center in 2018, eight in 2017, and only two in 2016.

However, in just the first four months of this year, it appears that medical emergencies may have already have doubled 2018’s total numbers. 

Operation Rescue notes, “This puts the Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood on track to have at least 24 medical emergencies requiring immediate ambulance transport this year – three times the highest number documented in a single year.

First of all, how interesting that we have a Planned Parenthood center named after a white supremacist — racist — someone who gave speeches for the Ku Klux Klan. With all this hoopla about tearing down the statues of Civil War Confederate leaders, why then does the left think honoring Margaret Sanger is okay? One can only deduce that the progressive socialist left embraces the belief that blacks are “undesirables” and “weeds.”

After all, if you are a leftist governor or Attorney General, being in “blackface” is just peachy keen. Hmm, I do not recall any Confederate General being in blackface, but I do recall that the history of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, lynchings, poll taxes, literacy tests, and yes, Planned Parenthood and its genocidal visions for black babies are all products of the Democrat (socialist) Party.

I remember being in Congress where Nancy Pelosi was just ruminating about how any vote against Obamacare would mean women would be bleeding on hospital floors. Well, it seems to me that, thanks to the insidious ideological agenda of the progressive socialist left, women are experiencing unnecessary complications at the hands of non-medical professionals. I thought that the whole purpose of Roe v. Wade was to make abortion (murdering unborn babies) “safe, legal, and rare.” I think we can all agree that is hardly the case in 2019. Reminder: since Roe v. Wade, there are nearly 18M black babies that have been killed in the womb.

And these jackass Democrats (socialists) are ranting about slave reparations while they are killing, in a genocidal manner, the black community. Then again, that was the vision of Margaret Sanger, the person for whom the killing clinics are named, and, in whose name Hillary Clinton received an award.

Sooo, where are the entertainment elites threatening the state of New York with economic terrorism, boycotts? Where are the voices on the left being concerned about non-medical professionals doing damage to women, their reproductive organs, health?

See, these progressive socialists do not give a hoot about women and their reproductive health. They are nothing more than master manipulators of language, which we fall for every time. There is a reason why the progressive socialist left, namely Planned Parenthood, did not want us to be aware of the movie “Unplanned,” a true story. They did everything they could to undermine the release of the film, just as Planned Parenthood did everything it could to threaten, coerce, and intimidate Abby Johnson into not conveying the truth. And remember, Abby was the youngest ever Planned Parenthood clinic director, and she was awarded for her efforts . . . then something happened.

Abby Johnson came to realize that Planned Parenthood and the left does not care about women’s reproductive health. They are nothing more than the acolytes of Margaret Sanger, for profit.

How did we get to this point in America where there are those who celebrate murdering unborn, and even born, babies? Yet, the very same people are completely maniacal when it comes to saving the lives of unborn babies. Think about it, and never forget the recent actions of Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims, an elected official, who verbally assaulted a woman for believing in life. Sims went so far as to call for, on video, the public release of this woman’s information.

Who the heck does that in America? The answer: the tyrannical progressive socialist left who demand ideological domination, and the killing of our unborn babies upon their modern-day altar to Moloch, the Canaanite god of child sacrifice.

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