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To the Open Borders Brigade

In #SOSS, Elections, Front Page, Illegal immigration, Immigration by Allen West

Greetings, y’all, on this Saturday afternoon aboard the MS Koningsdam. At this writing, we have just cleared the pass between the toe of mainland Italy and Sicily, with the historic city of Messina off our starboard side.

I just finished moderating a debate panel on free vs. fair trade. I have watched some highlights, and followed reports, from the Democrat (socialist) debate that occurred Thursday evening in Houston. And, I want to share this story with ya, especially since ol’ Bob O’Rourke wants to disarm us law-abiding, legal, American, gun owners.

As reported by Townhall:

“The United States Border Patrol Chief Carla Provost released data regarding the number of gang members apprehended by her men and women in her agency during the 2019 fiscal year through August. According to Provost, BP has arrested at least 445 individuals from the notorious Mara Salvatruchaa gang.  “This fiscal year through August, Border Patrol agents have encountered & arrested 933 criminal gang members. Some smuggling, some being smuggled, some sneaking in, and some already here,” Provost tweeted. 

These numbers include the following gangs: MS-13 (445), 18th Street (165), Paisas (82), Surenos (68), Latin Kings (21), Tango Blast (19).”

Hey, Bob Frank O’Rourke, are we supposed to believe that these are the “asylum seekers” that you want to protect? Also, to all the progressive socialist leftists out there, do y’all really wanna decriminalize illegally crossing our border? In other words, what the left in America wants is one big ol’ sanctuary nation, and no national sovereignty at all. Matter of fact, that is what the left, led in chorus by Antifa chants, “no borders, no walls, no USA at all.”

So ponder this — especially for my fellow Texans — are we supposed to just sit back and watch criminal gang members flood our country and do nothing about it? Oh by the way, when these gang members shoot or stab themselves in turf wars, we will pay for their healthcare.

And, as we have written about and shared, do not forget the threat these little “sparks of divinity” are imposing upon our communities. I shared a story with you about Montgomery County, Maryland where there have been seven rapes in the past three months. But, the leftists there just blame President Trump.

The Townhall article continues:

“Baltimore County police announced last week that six out of seven suspects arrested in a gruesome gang-related murder of a 21-year-old Maryland man were illegal immigrants.  Fox News reports that Daniel Alejandro Alvarado Cuella was stabbed to death in July by members of the Mara-Salvatrucha gang, aka MS-13. Cuella’s body was found in a Towson apartment with multiple wounds on July 31.”

Yeah, this is all just a “manufactured crisis.” I tend to believe that good, law-abiding members of the American Hispanic community who are in our country legally, having respected our laws, want this scourge eliminated. After all, what type of safety and security do they have in their neighborhoods with these criminal illegal immigrant gang members roaming the streets and terrorizing their neighborhoods?

Ya know, the progressive socialists are making it really easy for the case to be made against them. Only the true “stuck on stupid,” useful idiot Kool-Aid drinkers can justify the left’s stance on illegal immigration and sanctuary states and cities.

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