Photo of protester with sign stating "Al Immagrants Welcome Here" in an article by Allen West

Par for the (Progressive Socialist) Course

In Education, Front Page, Illegal immigration, US Constitution by Allen West

The progressive socialist leftists who troll me online seem to think I make my assertions out of whole cloth, but it was just this morning that I posted about the insidious means by which they seek to silence liberty-loving voices.

Then, a story like this passes my inbox, and I just have to share it with you, as it evidences exactly what I post in these missives to you. In this era of complicit media bias, we must take every opportunity to expose everything the progressive socialist left does to undermine our constitutional rights — such as in this case, with free speech.

As reported by Townhall:

“That Texas teacher who pleaded with President Trump over Twitter to enforce immigration laws and remove the illegal aliens at her school has been fired. In tweets she thought were private, Georgia Clark tweeted at the president, hoping he could do anything that could remove the illegals from her school and the greater Fort Worth area. Of course, the liberals were triggered. Her job was on the line as of yesterday. Now, Ms. Clark has to find a new line of work.

Yet, here’s the thing that’s missing from all of this. This is exactly why Trump won. It’s why he was catapulted to the top of the GOP primary heap in 2016. He promised to do something about immigration, which has been an issue that no party has been willing to tackle in a meaningful way.

This is a violation of this teacher’s right to free speech, and she was pointing out an obvious breach of our rule of law.

As well, this further shows why we need more Constitutional Conservatives — true Constitutional Conservatives — to serve on school boards and ISDs. 8-0? No one had the courage to stand against this?

This should not be happening, and I hope that Governor Abbott immediately steps in and reinstates this teacher. As well, he should condemn those ISD board members. A message must be sent!

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