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Pelosi’s Impeachment Gamble is Like the Dog Who Caught the Car

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Y’all remember the metaphor about the dog who caught the car? The dog chases the car, is successful in the quest . . . then what? This is the situation in which the Democrat (socialist) Party now finds itself. They have been after the impeachment car since President Trump was elected, they have now caught it, and . . . uh-oh, now what? The exuberance and giddy atmosphere only masks a serious concern that they have gone “A Bridge Too Far.” As a matter of fact, I recently shared my commentary using that metaphor explaining the conundrum in which the left finds themselves.

This is very interesting. We were told, incessantly so, that Donald Trump is a threat to our democracy. Donald Trump is a threat to our national security. Donald Trump has committed acts of treason. If so, then perhaps he can be released as Obama did for Bradley Manning. We were told all these horrible things and reasons why this had to be done NOW! IMMEDIATELY! “IMPEACH THE MOFO!”

Now it is, “oh, we aren’t in a hurry. We may send the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate in a few days, maybe after Christmas, well, perhaps on President’s Day.” Huh?


This is an easy one to comprehend. Pelosi now asserts that she needs reassurance that the Senate will hold a “fair” trial. Are you kidding me? Well, first of all, since the progressive socialist left is soooo in love with our Constitution now, where is it written in the Constitution that the House Speaker needs reassurance of Senate fairness before executing her duties? This is an insidious and weak attempt to stonewall and figure out an exit ramp from this failed partisan coup d’etat . . . which is what this is!

What Nancy Pelosi and her leftist cohorts can clearly state to the useful idiots of the progressive socialist left: “The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives held President Trump accountable for (fill in the blank, because they sure can’t) and voted his impeachment. However, we feel that the Republican-controlled Senate will fail in executing their duties and not conduct a fair trial based upon our Articles of Impeachment. Therefore, we, cannot, in good faith to the American people, and in upholding our oath to the Constitution (which we trash daily), send these articles to the Republican Senate (unless they promise to vote “guilty”).”

That, folks, is what is coming. Chuck Schumer is setting it up for Nancy with his whining about having his witnesses. Didn’t Adam Schiff refuse GOP witnesses?

This is all a very sad soap opera (I will not use the word “solemn” since the Democrats abused that word on Wednesday). But the left has caught the proverbial car, and they are being dragged down the road behind it, and losing teeth. So what can they do?

First, the whole endeavor was just a means to smear and damage President Trump. The left will go forward branding President Trump with the declarative moniker of “impeached.” However, this is how lacking in constitutional knowledge these chuckleheads are: President Trump is not impeached until those articles are delivered to the Senate. Yes, the partisan Democrat House voted to impeach the president, a member of the opposing political party. But now, the reality is setting in that this endeavor is turning against them in the court of public opinion.

As well, the Democrat (socialist) Party does not want Eric Ciaramella, Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, Joe Biden all sworn in under oath and publicly asked some very hard questions. Those Democrat Senators still running for President do not want to be tied down to DC for this kabuki theater of the absurd.

So, what can ol’ Nancy do?

Well, Tulsi Gabbard — who took the cowards way out by voting “present” — offered up an exit ramp for Pelosi. It was probably not well-publicized, but Rep. Gabbard, a presidential candidate herself, filed a bill to censure President Trump. What does that mean? Nothing really, it would be the left’s way of saying, we spanked your hand while saving for this foolishness that has now backfired.

The longer Pelosi holds onto those articles of impeachment, the less relevant they are. But, they can tell the whack job progressive socialist base that they did vote to impeach President Trump. That dog ain’t gonna hunt for the bloodthirsty American Bolsheviks who want Trump in shackles and cast into a dungeon . . . or worse.

Remember the game we used to play as kids, called Hot Potato? Well, these drubbed up East German Stasi State articles of impeachment are burning the hands of the Democrat (socialists) . . . and it is all of their own doing.

And, it will be the cause of their undoing, as well!

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