Photo of the front gate of the Naval Air Base in Pensacola, FL, site of a deadly shooting on December 6, 2019.


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The news is disturbing. Once again we have a shooting on a US military installation, and several are dead.

Let us not forget that it was ten years ago, this same month, December 2009, that US Army Major Nidal Hasan opened fire on soldiers and Department of the Army civilians at Ft. Hood. My last duty station in the Army was Ft. Hood. I was just in Lampasas, Texas, 20 miles west of Ft. Hood last night. Ten years and we have learned nothing, we have done nothing, we have taken no corrective actions? We still have Islamic jihadists shooting our service men and women on what is supposed to be our most secure areas, our military installations?

As reported by NY Daily News:

“A Saudi national receiving flight training at the “cradle of aviation,” opened fire at a naval base in Florida early Friday, killing three people and injuring eight others before he was shot to death in a gun battle with responding deputies, officials said. Authorities have not released the suspect’s name, but NBC News, citing law enforcement sources identified him as Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani. Authorities said he was a trainee with the Saudi Air Force.

Naval Air Station Pensacola was put on lockdown just before 7 a.m. after officers received reports of an active shooter on the famed Florida base. The chaos sent navy officers and local authorities rushing to a two-story training facility classroom building at the base, where the shooting unfolded, officials said. Alshamrani was killed by Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies, who were the first to confront the suspect. 

One of the deputies was shot in the arm while a second was undergoing surgery on his knee, Sheriff David Morgan told reporters during a press conference. They were among eight people wounded by the gunman. Morgan said the suspect used a handgun in the attack. He said there were no other suspects. The sheriff’s office lifted the threat in a Facebook post just before 9 a.m.The base remained closed for the rest of the day, with only essential personnel allowed to enter. The identities of the victims, including those who died, were not immediately released.”

First off, how does a Saudi National gain access to a firearm in the United States? How does the same individual get onto Pensacola NAS with said weapon? Here we have our men and women in uniform restricted from being armed on our military installations and this happens . . . exactly the same as 10 years ago. Once again, we have civilian law enforcement officers responding to this jihadist attack and shooting the assailant, just as with Ft. Hood. There, it was civilian contracted law enforcement, but not our own active-duty troops able to defend themselves.


There’s a whole lot of explaining to be done on this one. Again, we have a systemic failure, as well as rendering our active-duty troops as victims where they should be most secure.

Go figure, Mr. Big Gulp, Michael Bloomberg is in Aurora, Colorado, unveiling his national gun control plan. This little man has no right seeking to be our Commander-in-Chief. He would only ensure that our troops were even more neutered and unable to defend themselves. Oh, by the way, Mr. Bloomberg, that theater in Aurora, Colorado, was a “gun-free zone” and a calculating, evil, and mentally disturbed individual gunned down innocent Americans who had no ability to defend themselves. Sound familiar?

Right now we need to demand that our men and women on our military installations be armed. I am not talking about every single one, but we need to have a duty assignment that ensures we have armed troops who can provide the internal defense of our military installations. You put the senior enlisted person on these installations in charge and develop a R3F (Rapid Response Ready Force) that is posted at critical positions on our installations. That is what you call a deterrent force.

The glaring issue is this: where was the “red flag” protection or notification of a Saudi foreign national gaining access to a firearm, and transporting it onto a US military installation. Furthermore, who vetted this person?

Once again, Americans are dead, not because of the Second Amendment, but because someone in our government screwed up . . . again. Truly, this was an unnecessary déjà vu.

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