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The Results are in, Joe . . . .

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If there is one thing about the progressive socialist left — OK, the Democrat (Socialist) Party — that is fun, it is their predictability.  This past week brought many things to fruition that I had surmised previously. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic — and, of course, we knew that the left would even turn that into a discussion of racism — Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential campaign. I would offer that “ol’ feel da Bern” got that phone call from the left’s Star Chamber. Yes, I am dating myself by invoking the title to that movie.

Now, immediately, Uncle, also known as Creepy, Joe Biden seized the moment to do a scripted — the safest method — video presentation. In that video presentation whose name did Joe Biden mention as wanting as a potential VP running mate? Yes, just as we had previously shared, Sen. Kamala Harris. Remember that against the wall lineup looking video that she did to endorse Joe Biden, after the California primary?

Joe Biden knew that as soon as Bernie Sanders threw in the towel that he had to go full-on carpe diem, that is Latin for “get yer butt in motion” (literally seize the day). Biden had already stated that he would have a woman as his VP sidekick. Because the black community’s electoral patronage resurrected his campaign, he had to play the identity politics game. So, Joe Biden he was good to go, smooth sailing.

Well, as ESPN College Football Saturday commentator, and former coach, Lee Corso would say, “not so fast my friend.”

As reported by the NY Post:

“A majority of Democrats want to nominate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for president instead of Joe Biden, according to poll results shared exclusively with The Post.

The national poll found 56 percent of Democrats prefer Cuomo, with 44 percent wanting to stick with presumptive nominee Biden — a 12-point margin well outside the 4.8 percent margin of error for the Democratic sample.

Hispanic voters, young people, women and self-identified liberals are most likely to favor dumping the former vice president for Cuomo.

The poll, conducted April 3-6, was commissioned by the conservative pro-market Club for Growth, which generally supports Republican candidates.

Cuomo denied last month that he wanted to run for president, but some Democrats still are clamoring for an alternative to Biden, who faded from public view during the coronavirus outbreak, which elevated Cuomo in daily press conferences.

The poll was conducted online among a representative sample of 1,000 people by WPAi, one of the top three polling firms used by Republicans.

Bryon Allen, chief research officer of WPAi, told The Post the firm uses commercial respondent panels matched to voter files. Poll sampling was done to be representative of different races, geographic locations, genders, educational levels and ages, he said.

Respondents were asked: “Based on what you know today, do you agree or disagree that Democrats should nominate Governor Andrew Cuomo for president instead of Joe Biden?” There were 361 Democratic respondents, 349 Republican respondents and 262 independents.

Among people of any party — including independents — who voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton in 2016, the percentage favoring Cuomo increased to 57 percent. Of those who voted for President Trump in 2016, 53 percent wanted Democrats to keep Biden. Cuomo was also backed by core Democratic constituencies. Among black voters — who helped Biden defeat Democratic primary rival Sen. Bernie Sanders — 55 percent favored Cuomo, with just 45 percent wanting to keep Biden.

Among voters age 25 to 34 of any party, preference for Cuomo hit 67 percent. Fifty-seven percent of all women and 58 percent of Hispanic voters preferred Cuomo.”

I have been saying that the Democrats were angling, somehow, to get Cuomo into the game. Now it all makes sense. Gov. Cuomo has been receiving a lot of attention due to this coronavirus crisis. Yes, New York has been hard hit, but so has Albany, Georgia, and, we don’t see the mayor there on TV every day. When you see so much attention, and I mean national media attention being given to someone, there is something at work. So, all of a sudden, Bernie Sanders drops out. Joe Biden tries to grab attention with a very weak video, and starts his identity politics campaign, all for naught. And, no one is paying attention to Gov. Newsom in California.

Now, there are some who would say, ah yes, but Colonel, this survey was done by Club for Growth, a conservative organization. That is irrelevant and actually lends more credence because it appears that they had the same hunch as I did. There is some popular sentiment out there for Gov Andrew Cuomo to run for president. That is not debatable. Sorry Joe, but the Democrat (Socialist) party Star Chamber is gonna pull that rug from under you, be careful, don’t hit your head when it happens.

America, do not be fooled, Cuomo is a left-wing progressive socialist. Cuomo embraces taxpayer benefits to illegal immigration (open borders), is very anti-Second Amendment (favors gun control), supports a radical policy of murdering pre-born babies up until actual birth (remember the bill he signed into law, and the lighting up of the Empire State building), and New York is a fiscally unstable blue state with high taxes.

Bottom line, Gov. Andrew Cuomo offers a better image for the Democrat (Socialist) Party to sell their snake oil. Bernie Sanders was not the right image or messenger. Joe Biden cannot remember, and he has far too many gaffes, with more yet to come.

As stated, the left is easily predictable. Do not be surprised if Kamala Harris starts saying kind things about Cuomo. Oh yeah, some of you may be saying, what about Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer? My assessment is that the Democrats realize they are losing in the black community. Remember, if they lost 10-15 percent of the black electorate in a national level election, that hurts . . .  and it is happening. Per a poll released just this week, President Trump may garner close to 20 percent of the national black electoral vote this November. Gretchen Whitmer does not help in that regard, and she is probably their hold card for the future to run for president.

Again, sorry Joe, you thought you were there, but what Democrats have seen, actually not seen, during this coronavirus crisis lets them know you ain’t da one. Hey Joe, stay by the phone, the Star Chamber will be calling ya soon…

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