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President Trump’s Newest SCOTUS Pick

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From Slavery

President Donald J. Trump just announced his second nominee to the US Supreme Court: Brett Kavanaugh.

My assessment: he chose who he, and Mitch McConnell, believe to have the easiest path to confirmation. If there is one thing the military teaches you, it’s to not seek out the path of least resistance. There must come a time when we do not seek out one who will be tolerated by the left.

As a matter of fact, no one is acceptable to the left. And it was Judge Kavanaugh who created the idea that Obamacare was constitutional because the individual mandate was a tax.

If anyone thinks that Barack Obama, and the Senate Democrats, cared what Republicans thought when he was nominating justices . . . well, they were wrong. The left told us that John McCain and Mitt Romney were acceptable candidates for President . . . they lied. The only thing that will appease the left is control of the courts, and power.

Lastly, I just kinda think we need someone from outside of the DC bubble.

As to be expected, the left in America have lost their minds. I know, how can one lose what may have never existed. Look, let’s be honest, it did not matter who President Trump selected, the left said they will block, and viciously fight against whomever.

Funny, Obama got his way with Justices Kagan and Sotomayor. What we are witnessing again is the progressive socialist leftist meltdown over not getting their way.

The President has an enumerated power, firmly stated in Article II of the Constitution, to appoint Supreme Court justices. The left has no valid argument in trying to undermine President Trump’s constitutional power to do so. Furthermore, the left in America had best come to grips with the fact that President Trump could end up appointing another three justices. Yes, if the left continues down this road to perdition, President Trump will win a second presidential term. There is no way that Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, and perhaps even Thomas will continue on to 2024.

Yes, to all of our progressive socialist friends and the liberal progressive media: Barack Obama was correct, elections have consequences.

What truly unnerves the left is that they are seeing their ideological agenda being lost. They have always held the opinion that no one needs the legislative branch when you can mandate an agenda through the courts. The recent spate of judicial decisions put two torpedoes in the broadsides of the USS Progressive Socialist. What scares the left is the reality that the Supreme Court is not a political body. It is the Judicial branch of our government and its role, its enumerated power is to interpret the law according to our rule of law, the US Constitution. The SCOTUS does not exist to implement a leftist ideology. It exists to rule according to our Constitution, which the left does not believe.

The recent spate of judicial decisions put two torpedoes in the broadsides of the USS Progressive Socialist. Click To Tweet

The coming confirmation hearings are not about a litmus test over progressive socialist policies. It is about a nominee’s ability to have a sound legal mind, and the ability to reconcile this nation’s laws with our Constitution.

The left faces immense political ramifications if they take a hardened obstructionist stance. Justice Kennedy’s position on the High Court needs to be filled when the SCOTUS goes back into session in October. If that does not happen, there will be huge consequences for the progressive socialist left in the November midterm elections. Heck, that may already be a fait accompli which they cannot deter or alter, due to their calls for intimidation, coercion, threats, and violence against those with whom they disagree. If the left cannot fairly win an intellectual debate, they should know better than resorting to mandates and threats to achieve their goals. The threats they are levying already over the SCOTUS nominee is shameful.

Let the games begin. Do I think this was a strong constitutional conservative choice? Nope. I would have rather seen Judge Coney-Barrett or Hardiman nominated. I am a fighter. The leftists are fighters. This is going to be a fight.