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Principal Violates First Amendment Rights

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I would have never thought that I would live in an America where someone would have to appear before the highest court in the land, the Supreme Court, because of their religious faith, beliefs. I would have never thought that a high school French teacher would be fired because he did not refer to a student by their “desired” personal pronoun, because of their religious belief.

Back in 2012, I was shocked — okay, maybe I wasn’t — when delegates at the Democrat National Committee booed the Judeo-Christian God.

Yes, I could go on to provide other instances where there is evidence of a deliberate assault against the Judeo-Christian faith heritage in America. Of course, there are those who will say that I am a delusional alarmist, but the march of secular humanism in America is strong and real.

Consider the fact that a World War I Memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland, a cross may be torn down, destroyed, because there were a few individuals who said they were “offended.” Heck, even my own alma mater, the University of Tennessee, once received a letter from the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) of Madison Wisconsin to “cease and desist” offering prayers before our home football games in Neyland Stadium. If there are two things that Southerners will not tolerate, it’s folks saying anything derogatory about SEC football, and saying anything derogatory about God. These chuckleheads did both, to no avail.

So it is that our nominee for “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” follows along the same insidious example of secular humanist leftists who give witness to their intolerance.

As reported by WND:

“A school principal in the Midwest ordered a teacher not to attend church because two students from the school also attended the local congregation. 

The non-profit Liberty Counsel, which represents the teacher, is withholding the identity of the school, the principal and the teacher. The group said it is protecting the rights of “a Midwest teacher” after a principal “ordered the teacher not to attend a church event that two students were also attending, even though they all attend the same church.” 

That’s a plain violation of the First Amendment, Liberty Counsel contends. 

“Unfortunately, this was not the first incident. A year ago, this same principal tried to prevent the teacher from leading an after-school, adult-led Bible club which met with parent permission, under the same terms the Scouts meet,” Liberty Counsel explained. 

“After the teacher was prevented from leading the club, a student sought to lead it as a student-led club. Even this was not allowed by the principal, so the teacher contacted Liberty Counsel.

The legal group said it intervened in both instances, charging the principal violated the First Amendment. 

Last year, Liberty Counsel sent a demand letter to the district superintendent, who responded by reversing the principal. This year, only a phone call was necessary to obtain a prompt reversal of the principal’s orders.

“The superintendent correctly reversed the principal’s decision to ban teachers from attending the same church events as students,” said Mat Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel. “Teachers acting in their individual capacity after school have the same rights as any others who are not teachers.”

Silly me, I thought principals were supposed to ensure there is a good learning environment for our children. I thought principals were supposed to make sure our children receive a quality education enabling them to have the doors of opportunity opened up for them. I thought that principals were supposed to make sure that teachers do not target or prey upon students. Since when was it the responsibility of principals to tell teachers where they could attend church services?

What kind of stuck on stupid principal do we have here to blatantly violate the First Amendment right of a teacher? Obviously, the church in question is not on school grounds, so what interest does this principal have in the matter? Why would an after-school Bible study be disallowed after receiving parental consent? Heck, Muslim students are allowed prayer time during school and other special considerations. Why is it that these leftist secular humanists feel that they must incessantly assail Christians?

This country was established on a very fundamental principle — one this principal must heed — religious freedom. The premise of separation of church and state, which is not a constitutional mandate, was to protect an individual’s religious freedom from the government. That was what Thomas Jefferson was alluding to in his letter to the Danbury Baptist Convention, that in America we would never have a Head of State, who was also Head of Church . . . no state-established religion. This is why our very first right in our Constitution’s Bill of Rights is freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof.

However, when you are stuck on stupid you do not read the Constitution or any of our founding documents. Heck, I would even submit that this principal has no clue about basic Civics or American History . . . especially since the progressive socialist left has replaced such subjects and topics with leftist indoctrination and revisionist history. Isn’t it amazing that in Virginia the school board there voted unanimously to fire the high school French teacher for not referring to a biologically female student as a male? Will this principal be fired?

In Indiana, they are seeking to reintroduce Biblical studies in public schools, and the left is going into another apoplectic meltdown. However, they are utterly silent when our children are taken to mosques for field trips or taught a revisionist history of Islam, can you say hypocrisy?

This unnamed principal of a school in the midwest is our recipient of this week’s “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition. We should all be aware of the desire of the progressive socialist left to undermine our Judeo-Christian faith heritage, and why not? They follow the precepts and doctrine of Karl Marx.

It appears that the progressive socialist left and militant Islamists have something in common . . . three options: convert, be subjugated (ideological domination), or be destroyed.

I ain’t going down like that folks . . . will you?