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Rhetoric or Real Solutions? Next Steps for Protecting Our Schools

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Friday’s tragic shooting at Santa Fe High School, south of Houston, is yet another hurtful reminder that evil lurks among us. It reminds us that not only do we have an issue with the opioid crisis in America, we have a problem with mental illness, and violent behavior in our young people. It’s not just the shootings we have at these schools, but consider the abject gang violence in many of our inner cities, often perpetrated by young people. One late afternoon, just last week, I was running errands, and waited behind a school bus to let off students. The bus emptied, and students gathered in a circle as one student grabbed another, threw him to the ground and began to kick him. There were even students who ran back across the street to watch the fight.

This is why the comments of Nancy Pelosi ring hollow for me. As reported by CNS News:

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) used Friday’s school shooting to renew her call for gun reform. As reported, 10 people are dead and another 10 were injured when a gunman opened fire inside a classroom around 8am Friday morning. The suspected gunman is a student — 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis. He was taken into custody and another student was detained at Santa Fe High School. “This morning, our nation was heartbroken by the horrific murder of innocent children and a teacher at Santa Fe High School. All Americans grieve for those whose lives were stolen by this tragedy, and our prayers are with the families and loved ones of who have been wounded. We are all grateful to the first responders, whose courage and heroism prevented more lives from being lost,” Pelosi said in a statement. “#NeverAgain. Children should never have to fear for their lives in a school classroom. Millions of young people are raising their voices and bravely, eloquently insisting on action to end the gun violence epidemic,” she wrote. “Congress must show as much courage as they have, and act now to ensure that no other community or family must endure the unthinkable horror of gun violence. Our children deserve real leadership: a vote to prevent gun violence now,” Pelosi added.”

I beg to differ with Ms. Pelosi: there is no vote in Congress that is going to stop what is happening in our culture. The root of this evil is a societal lack of regard for life. And, sadly, this has become very prevalent in our young people. When kids are gunned down for the types of shoes they wear, or for not wanting to join a gang, we have an issue. When we have gangs in America that require the taking of life as initiation, we have a greater issue.

Now, of course, the narrow-minded just want us to focus on the sensational, and the tool. As I stated in my Saturday missive, does the progressive socialist anti-gun left now believe we should ban shotguns and revolvers? Do they actually believe that punishing law-abiding, legal, gun owners — rendering them helpless victims — is the answer? Perhaps Ms. Pelosi, and her ilk, should take note that in London, the mayor there is seeking to ban knives. Evil will find a way to hurt, harm, and assault another person — the means is not where the focus should be.

We have an issue with mental illness among our young people, combined with a violent, behavioral, sickness. This has been consistent since Columbine, and we have done very little to resolve it. Click To Tweet

We have an issue with mental illness among our young people, combined with a violent, behavioral, sickness. This has been a consistent issue since the Columbine shooting, and we have done very little to resolve it. Matter of fact, when it comes to the root issue with the Stoneman Douglas HS shooting, the violent behavior of the shooter there was known, but dismissed, excused, and — due to a politicized program — ignored. If there is a vote to be taken, our elected officials should show the courage to end the PROMISE program of the Obama administration. Will Ms. Pelosi support that?

A dear, lifelong, friend of mine from Manhattan, KS, made a very good suggestion: we need national public school uniforms. Why? Because if that were the case, then the shooter at Santa Fe HS would not have been able to come to school wearing a military style trench coat, which was used to hide the shotgun he carried. If any of you have ever been down in Houston, TX, a long trench coat is not exactly a necessary piece of clothing. There is nothing Congress needs to vote on with that issue.

We also need parents to be better engaged: from Columbine to Sandy Hook to Santa Fe. That, along with mental instability, has been a recurring theme. Parents who have firearms in the house, and children suffering from some form of mental instability, need better safeguards on their firearms. And, parents need to pay more attention to their children’s behaviors, and any changes. God knows that there is no perfect textbook on raising kids, but if there is one thing that helps, it is involving them in positive activities. And, again, Ms. Pelosi, there is nothing Congress can vote on to make that happen. Matter of fact, it was a government policy, program, that has brought about the decimation of the traditional two parent household, mainly in the inner cities, the black community.

And speaking of the black community, they are losing their children, their kids, every day. I wrote an article, recently, about the tale of two protests. Why is it that Ms. Pelosi says nothing about what is happening at Miami Northwestern HS, which sits in the gang-infested Liberty City neighborhood in Miami? Hmm, like Jason Riley of the Wall Street Journal said in the title of his book, Please Stop Helping Us. The last thing the black community needs are more votes from folks like Nancy Pelosi.

My response to Ms. Pelosi is that we do not need her — or anyone else — to hold votes on “gun violence.” What we all need to realize is that we have a problem with violence in our young people, and it’s manifested in our schools. We can’t just focus on affluent schools and communities, but all of our schools and communities, because all of our kids are suffering.

We don’t need more rhetoric, and ideological agenda narratives. We need real solutions for what’s happening in our schools. And, first, we need students, our children, to know that they are not in charge. Adults, the principled adults, who believe in discipline, are in charge.