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Questions About Citizenship and Indoctrination Centers

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Today we are leaving port in Italy, heading into the Mediterranean. However, before heading out to sea, I answered two of today’s “Ask Allen” questions:

Isn’t it true that children born in the United States to illegal immigrants are not United States citizens? — Gilda C., Richardson, TX

Greetings, Gilda! What has happened in America is that the 14th Amendment, especially the equal protection clause, has been used to justify citizenship for children of illegal immigrants born here. If we understood the original intent of the 14th Amendment, it was to give citizenship to recently freed slaves, as the 13th Amendment ended slavery in America. We have departed from that original intent, and the 14th Amendment is wrongly used to justify much of the progressive socialist left’s ideological agenda, including same-sex marriage. This is why we need strict constructionist judges sitting in our courts and not activist judges.

Thanks for this great question, Gilda. I live in Garland, Texas so, hopefully, we will get a chance to meet!

Here is our next question for today:

Since our educational system has been taken over by the radicals/liberals, how are we to stop the indoctrination of our children? — Michele B., Tampa, FL

Howdy, Michele! Your question is the essence of why we find ourselves where we are now in America. This has been a long, slow, march as a  strategy of the left, and we should not be surprised. Both Lenin and Hitler talked about controlling future generations through education. What we have seen happen is a concerted effort by the left to shift America from having a system of education to one of indoctrination. They have flooded all levels of education with their ideological agenda and the policies to implement such. This is why the left is against school choice, charter schools, and homeschooling, but champion free college education.

What we must do is focus on the most important elected office in America: the school board. We need to have more institutions of higher learning like Hillsdale College, College of the Ozarks, and Northwood University. We must support our conservative high school and college students against the tyranny they are facing, and pure socialist bullying.

Thanks so very much, Michele, for this fundamental question that addresses why young Americans think socialism is acceptable.

If you would like to submit a question for consideration, please head over to this page, and perhaps you will see your question featured in an upcoming missive. Ciao!

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