Surreal photo of the Capitol Building in Washington DC in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot

Racists in Washington, DC . . .

In #SOSS, Front Page by Allen West

Greetings, everyone! It’s time for another episode of our end-of-week callout that we’ve affectionately titled, “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.” As you can tell from the title of this missive, you can surmise where we are going.

This week’s Washington DC follies reminded me of the old Abbott and Costello comedy routine, “Who’s on First?” I must admit, regardless of how many times I see that routine, I still bust a hearty laugh. Except what transpired in DC this week was not as funny.

At the beginning of the week, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Trump a racist because he wanted the US census to have a question regarding citizenship. Of course, we have heard Ms. Pelosi previously insinuate that Make America Great Again was synonymous with racism because it was about “making America white . . . ” How absurd.

How could wanting to ascertain who is a citizen in the United States of America be racist? I am an American citizen who is black. Asking me if I am a citizen is not racist. Nor is asking anyone if they are a citizen — whether they are white, black, Hispanic, Asian, anyone — is not racist. However, the utterance of the word “racism” is the default response to anything that the progressive socialist left does not like. What’s more insidious is that some on the left are trying to castigate minorities who do not wish to be subjugated by the left as racist, in a perverted manner.

Consider how interesting it is that after all of these years, and even having been Barack Hussein Obama’s vice president, we are now to believe that Joe Biden is a racist. Heck, the poor fella had to apologize for admitting that he worked with “segregationists” — who were Democrats. So, can we come to the realization that the Democrat (socialist) Party is racist? You know that is actually their history, and maybe that is why they are trying to erase it.

But, in the same week that began with Nancy Pelosi calling President Trump a racist, she was also called a racist. Yes, the Four Congresswomen of the Apocalypse, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley responded to Speaker Pelosi’s repudiation of their attacks against moderate Democrats by calling her prejudiced against “women of color.” A racist.

So, President Trump is a racist for wanting a citizenship question on our census. Joe Biden is a racist for being a Democrat who worked with other Democrats. And, Nancy Pelosi is a racist because she publicly reprimanded the actions of the “progressive socialist “Suicide Squad.” Oops, now Kamala Harris, a woman of color, comes out and says Pelosi is not a racist. President Trump says that the woman who called him a racist, Pelosi, is not a racist. Even South Bend Indiana Mayor and progressive socialist presidential candidate, Pete Buttigieg, is being called a racist. He, in turn, is calling the police officers of South Bend Indiana racist, all stemming from a shooting incident of a black individual.

Dang it, I am confused! Who is on first, what is on second, and why is on third!

The bottom line to all of this mental rambling is that the term “racist” no longer has any meaning. It has become nothing more than a trite punching bag that is used in an attempt to shame and shut down any unwanted thought or discussion. It has become a political crutch for the intellectually handicapped. If you have a disagreement, it is because you are racist . . . or sexist, or one of the many variations of a “phobe.” In other words, you ain’t “woke,” a reference which, in itself, screams of ignorance, and imbecility.

So, who gets the Old School Patriot “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” award? It’s easy: all of the idiots who are on the rampage declaring anyone who disagrees with them a racist. In this past week, the list seems to be quite extensive! Hold onto your hats, that list is going to grow.

What is, indeed, comical is that the greatest number of assertions about individuals being racist emanates from the Democrat (socialist) Party. I guess that is appropriate since they are, historically, the party of racism in America. I suppose since they are so familiar with the term, they feel free to disparage others with it.

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