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The Real Purpose Behind Red Flag Laws

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Yes, it is easy to ascertain what this Old School Patriot memo is about. Yesterday, as I was combing through my various news feeds, I came across a very interesting story. I found its title to be rather misleading, and as I read the short article, I asked myself a greater question: why was this article written, titled as such, and what is the purpose behind red flag laws?

Here is the article, as reported by Fox News:

“The first person to have his guns confiscated under Florida’s 2018 “red flag” law has been found guilty over his refusal to voluntarily surrender the weapons. Jerron Smith, 33, now faces up to five years in prison after a jury in Broward County rejected his argument that he did not fully understand the new law. The jury returned the verdict Friday after a short trial.

Smith, of Deerfield Beach, was the subject of a risk protection order soon after the law was enacted in response to the Parkland high school mass shooting in February 2018. Smith owned an AR-15 rifle and a .22-caliber rifle which Broward deputies seized after his arrest in March 2018 on charges of firing six shots at a vehicle being driven by his best friend, according to reports. Smith is facing trial on an attempted murder charge in connection with that incident. He was accused of firing at his friend with a Glock handgun that deputies also took, according to reports.

Florida’s “red flag” law allows authorities to obtain a court order to confiscate weapons from people who pose a danger to themselves and others. Florida is one of 15 states with such laws.”

First of all, let us not forget that there were over 40 calls made to the home of the Parkland Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter, Nicolas Cruz. The FBI was made aware of Cruz’s disturbing behavior. The Broward School system adopted the Obama Promise Program, and the result was that Cruz’s behavior was never reported, even after he was expelled from Stoneman Douglas HS. In Florida they already have something called the Baker Act which would have allowed law enforcement officers to confiscate the weapons of Nicolas Cruz, but since it appears that no one kept records, it never happened.

So, this questionable act signed into law in Florida by Gov. Rick Scott is something that should greatly concern us all, especially law-abiding, legal gun owners.

That is why the Fox News story and its title are somewhat misleading. Jerron Smith was no longer a law-abiding citizen. Yes, he had legally purchased his firearms, but due to his violation of our rule of law, we do not allow folks to wantonly fire shots at innocent civilians . . . unless, of course, you are a five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant in San Francisco, you can shoot an innocent American woman, and be found not guilty.

But, I digress to make that important point regarding the left’s hypocrisy.

Jerron Smith committed and was charged with a felony crime. Therefore, the whole “Red Flag” thing is of no consequence here. He should not have any access to firearms after being charged with attempted murder. Ya think? That is just common sense.

So, what is this article really all about? I think it is trying to show a purpose and need for this unconstitutional law. Again, why did we need another law? Why not correct the mistakes, very evident mistakes, surrounding the Parkland, Florida, shooting? Nope, this was all about one thing, advancing the ideological agenda item of the left of gun control, really gun confiscation, disarmament of law-abiding, legal gun owners.

Let me remind y’all that it was just a year ago — in November of 2018 — that Gary j. Willis, a 60-year old man in Ferndale, Maryland, was shot dead due to a red flag protection order served on him, at 5:17 am, by two police officers. An innocent man, legal gun owner, and law-abiding citizen that had not committed a crime was shot dead. Maryland was one of those fifteen states, like Florida, that instituted red flag Laws. Here is the interesting thing, though: we did not head any national coverage about this, and how this insanity led to the death of an innocent man.

But, this article shows up touting red flag laws used to charge someone and send them to prison for five years. That sounds like a precedent-setting case. And, it happened in Broward County Florida, a place I know a little something about. How could this end up undermining gun rights, and sending innocent Americans to prison?

We already have leftists complaining about videos of Americans going to gun ranges and shooting, posting them to YouTube. Heck, I share my trips to the gun range often. What happens if some anonymous person files a red flag protection order complaint against someone posting pictures at the gun range? After all, in these fifteen states, it is a law, so the police can take this and go to serve the order. If the person refuses to surrender their weapons for confiscation? After all, this is a violation of their Second and Fourth Amendment rights Now, the law enforcement agencies have a precedent to follow, in their legal terms, to charge the said person, who has actually done nothing wrong, other than to “trigger” some leftist?

Don’t laugh, an offended secular humanist was the reason why the case to prevent the destruction of the World War I Bladensburg Maryland Cross had to go before the US Supreme Court. I expect there will be anonymous, “I feel threatened” and concerned calls going out in these fifteen states where they can now violate the individual constitutional rights.

Ladies and gents, this was not a story worthy of the news. This man, Jerron Smith, committed a crime by firing a weapon in public at an innocent person. But, what is telling is that little is known of the case of Gary J. Willis, the innocent 60-year old man, gunned down in the early morning hours on the doorstep of his home by two police officers. I presume that if Gary J. Willis was a black man in his 60s, this would have been a national news story. Al Sharpton would have been there, along with Black Lives Matter. Nah, it was just an “old white guy,” shot as a result of the ideological agenda of the progressive socialist left.

This is what the purpose of the red flag laws are. Bob Frank O’Rourke was at least honest enough to admit it. The left wants to confiscate our means to protect ourselves, turn us from citizens into subjects. Sadly Stupidly, we have Republicans who are enabling such, as with Rick Scott signing this absurdity into law in Florida.

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It is always vital for us to see the strategic maneuverings of the left before they hit us in the face. There should be no such thing as red flag laws in any state governed by Republicans. The wording of this article is very suspect. Every day in America, those charged with felony crimes are not allowed to possess firearms. BATF Form 4473 asks, among other things, questions relating to being an illegal immigrant or felon.

So, how is it that illegal immigrants and Saudi Nationals are able to kill Americans? Perhaps we need better law enforcement against that, and not We the People.

We all know what to expect from leftists. But, I will stress this point: any Republican elected official supporting this, or any semblance of such, will not be an elected official for long.

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