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The Real Russian Collusion

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Perhaps we should shut down the Mueller investigation here in the United States, and ship him over to Germany. Yes, it has been publicly uncovered that Angela Merkel, and the German government, are conducting trade with Russia.

Instead of seeking US oil and natural gas, Ms. Merkel is kowtowing to Putin and the Kremlin. However, if you were watching CNN, or any of the other anti-President Trump, liberal, progressive media outlets, you saw them complain about President Trump being tough, mean, nasty, and/or obtuse with our European allies. Well, I have a question for those chucklehead pundits: what ally does business with your opposition?

The leftist media went into a tizzy because, before departing, President Trump stated that his meeting with Putin may be easier than with NATO “allies.” I tend to agree. At least President Trump knows that Putin is the opposition, a foe, a geo-political adversary. It is far easier to deal with the enemy when you know of their belligerent actions. However, how does one deal with the old European leaders who say one thing, but do something very different? The comments of the EU President Tusk stating that we should “appreciate” them because we do not have many allies? How utterly absurd that assertion is in every way.

It’s not only the issue of Europe seeking to do business with Russia, but we also know of their chagrin over President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Iranian nuclear agreement. It appears that these European weaklings would prefer to economically bolster the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism rather than show some backbone. As I stated yesterday, old Europe was just plain giddy over welcoming Barack Obama. They “appreciated” American weakness, subjugation, and subservience, along with the complete concurrence with European progressive socialist policies, and, globalist vision. Old Europe loved Obama’s “citizen of the world” perspective which meant relegating America to a position of “leading from behind.” This is why we see protests all over Europe, because of President Trump’s arrival, they prefer a second class — no, third class — America. After all, we are just a bunch of rowdy, rebellious, ignorant, gun-toting colonists.

This is why we see protests all over Europe, because of President Trump's arrival, they prefer a second class -- no, third class -- America Click To Tweet

However, when it came to the country that would save Europe — twice — it was the same United States. The “appreciation” should emanate from a western Europe that has been able to experience incredible economic growth and prosperity, under the blanket of security provided by soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, of these United States of America. Instead we are seeing utter disdain, and a sense of elitism that has come to typify the western European political elites. All this is occurring as we see western Europe collapsing and in disarray.

Angela Merkel’s horrific decision to open Germany’s borders has created an Islamic jihadist sanctuary, not just in Germany, but across Europe. There are no-go zones where Europeans cannot freely transit, unless they subjugate themselves to the dictates of an ideology antithetical to the supposed principles of classical liberalism, individual freedom and liberty. All under the guise of multiculturalism, we are watching western Europe become a museum, dying at its core, overrun by those they allowed in who now demand parity, no, superiority. How many places in western Europe fall under the rule of Sharia law, not the respective host nation law?

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Yet, I suppose that when the proverbial “crap hits the fan,” the Europeans will, once again, run to the USA for help, assistance, and saving. What President Trump is saying is that using America, and looking down the nose at us, has come to an end. It is time that old Europe respect and regard our nation, and also take the responsibility of standing up themselves. Consider the deplorable state of the German army, yet they are trading oil and natural gas with Russia? Yes, it is time European young men and women stepped up, and defended their own lands. Our troops are willing, ready, and able to support. But, we should no longer be expected to expend our resources while these nations harbor their own, especially for more domestic socialist programs. We do want fair trade, reciprocal trade, not the disrespectful trade policies we are witnessing.

There’s a shining light in Europe — I refer to it as “New Europe” — those nations of eastern Europe. There you find those nations who were once behind the Iron Curtain, living under the tyranny of the old Soviet Union, truly appreciative of the demand made to “tear down this wall.” There you will find nations like Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania, small in land mass, but huge in heart, donating their required 2% of GDP for defense. They know the threat.

You will find nations like Poland, who will not kowtow to the insidious insanity of multiculturalism. They know what it means, “when tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide.” They are protecting and securing their borders, not surrendering their national character and sovereignty for some delusional “feel good” moment. They do not want their women afraid to walk the streets at night. Poland, and many of the Eastern European nations, do not want to purchase Putin’s oil and natural gas . . . they are true allies. And, perhaps, now is the time for the United States to shift its European foreign policy to those willing to stand and fight. Those who do indeed appreciate a strong America.

Always remember: when President Trump went to Poland, the reception was quite different from what we are seeing in western Europe. Barack Obama was praised in western Europe, but he canceled the strategic missile defense shield for Poland, and sent socks and MREs to Ukraine when Russian backed paramilitary forces overran Crimea and the eastern portion of Ukraine. Poland has welcomed US troop rotations, and the Baltic States are conducting combined, and joint, military operations with our Special Operations and conventional forces.

Remember the Russian reset button, Obama’s additional flexibility after reelection comment, or his dismissal of Russia as our number one geo-political foe? I guess the left gets to choose when, what, and where Russian collusion happens.

When it benefits the left, Russia is fine; when they can use it to pummel their political opposition, Russia is bad. Click To Tweet

John Kerry said the Russians had removed all the chemical weapons from Syria. However, all the insanity on the left about Russia is chasing after a strawman argument instead of admitting they just lost the election. So why is the left now dismissive about this revelation of Angela Merkel and her trade collusion with Russia? It is simple: progressive socialists, everywhere, operate under the premise of situational ethics and morals. When it benefits them, Russia is fine, when they can use it to pummel their political opposition, Russia is bad.

Right now, I much more prefer an eastern European vacation, and a foreign policy that focuses there as well . . . that is until western Europe finds its Big Boy pants.