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The Real Story of Super Tuesday

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Greetings, everyone!

Yesterday, I provided a predictive assessment of Super Tuesday. My assessment was that Bernie Sanders would not sweep Super Tuesday, due to the turn of events that began in South Carolina, and that came to fruition.

Today, everyone is talking about the resuscitation of Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, but there is a real story going forward for Biden.

As we stated in the assessment yesterday, Joe Biden’s resurrection was all due to one thing: the black electorate in South Carolina. Rep. Jim Clyburn has to be credited for saving Biden’s campaign. The black electorate in South Carolina gave Biden a resounding victory in that primary contest and set in motion the course of events that led to his success yesterday. Now, the issue moving forward will be, can Joe hold onto this consolidated support, and who will stand by his side?

The empty suit opportunist, Robert Francis O’Rourke, came out of obscurity to endorse Biden here in Texas on Monday. Joe Biden won Texas on Tuesday. Biden seemed to offer O’Rourke a position to “help him with the gun problem.” However, Biden ran the table across the south, — again, thanks to the black electorate — can he maintain that? Or will Biden need to, and be asked to, pay homage to the black electorate? We all know that one of the contributing factors to Hillary Clinton’s defeat was a depressed black electorate turnout.

Essentially, this is now a two-person contest for the Democrat presidential nomination. Elizabeth Warren, well, when you do not even win your own state, that is a telling message. Ask Al Gore about that, he lost Tennessee.

Bernie won his home state of Vermont, and California, that was expected. Bernie won Colorado, they smoke dope out there. Bernie won Utah, well, big deal. This was a disappointing day for the fella who did believe he had massive momentum.

Biden is going to have to decide, who should be my VP?

O’Rourke is going to try to make the case that he did, and can deliver Texas. But, does ol’ Bob Frank help Biden in those critical southern states, with the black electorate? Does Biden really wanna risk having a fervent anti-Second Amendment running mate? Is Biden considering someone like Stacy Abrams or perhaps Andrew Gillum as VP candidates? Those two would be the carrot needed to persuade the southern black electorate to come out in record numbers . . . and they are just leftist enough to appease the far-left base of the Democrat Party. As well, I am sure the Congressional Black Caucus, namely Clyburn, is going to remind Biden as to who pulled his butt out of the grave.

Buttigieg and Klobuchar? Well, having them as a VP does nothing. The real story of Super Tuesday is who does Joe Biden thank for his resurrected campaign? It is all about patronage, and he has to know, the black electorate of South Carolina saved him. Does he squander, or does he capitalize on that? Stay tuned.

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