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The Real Truth About COVID-19

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If there is one thing I do not appreciate it is the lack of clarity in reporting statistics, numbers, and facts. Throughout this entire coronavirus pandemic, we have been fed numbers suggesting millions, then hundreds of thousands would die as a result of this scourge called COVID-19. We were fed words such as “cases” yet we were rarely told about who and how many were recovering.

Then came the well-marketed soundbite remedies, “social distancing” and “flatten the curve.” We stay like lemmings and have relegated our rights, freedoms, liberties, and doggone common sense to folks because they had titles and said they were experts. Well, we once again have been reminded that self-proclaimed “experts” can indeed be wrong. It’s a funny thing, experts rarely apologize for being wrong.

These experts and their numbers drove elected officials and politicians to make decisions. And, when decisions are not based upon sound logic, numbers, and instead use a common core math philosophy, then you get bad decisions. Throughout this pandemic there has always been a missing statistic, report, number, analysis…a demographic breakdown and articulation of associated health issues with each person, supposedly reported to have died because of COVID-19.

Now, finally, we have a study that has been released, and the news is what those of us with common sense have known all along. I am quite sure the NY Times will find fault with this, as reported by Fox News:

“A new study by a medical journal revealed that most of the people in New York City who were hospitalized due to coronavirus had one or more underlying health issues.

Health records from 5,700 patients hospitalized within the Northwell Health system — which housed the most patients in the country throughout the pandemic — showed that 94 percent of patients had more than one disease other than COVID-19, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

Data taken from March to early April showed that the median age of patients was 63 years old and 53 percent of all coronavirus patients suffered from hypertension, the most prevalent of the ailments among patients. In addition, 42 percent of coronavirus patients who had body mass index (BMI) data on file suffered from obesity while 32 percent of all patients suffered from diabetes.

The study also revealed that the overwhelming majority of patients who were on ventilators eventually died, and those who did more often had diabetes. Data gathered from 2,634 patients who either died or were discharged from the hospital showed that 12 percent of them were placed on ventilators and of those who were, 88 percent of them died.

“Having serious comorbidities increases your risk,” said Karina Davidson, one of the study’s authors and senior vice president for the Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research, which is part of the Northwell Health system, according to reports by Time. “This is a very serious disease with a very poor outcome for those who have severe infections from it. We want patients with serious chronic disease to take a special precaution and to seek medical attention early, should they start showing signs and symptoms of being infected. That includes knowing that they’ve been exposed to someone who has this virus.” 

So, let me put this into a vernacular that we simple, common folks can appreciate. COVID-19 is not a “cause of death.” COVID-19 enhances the chance of death for those who are already suffering from major health issues, such as this study presents. As I have stated previously, there is a big difference between “dying because of something” and “dying with something.” Let me reiterate, one of those so-called “experts,” Dr. Deborah Birx admitted such two weeks ago during one of the coronavirus daily briefings, which I do not even watch anymore. stating that they are designating any death of a person with COVID-19 as a COVID-19 death.

Let me explain how utterly absurd that assertion is. Let’s say a fella, gang member, comes in with a gunshot wound, during his workups and testing it is revealed that he tests positive for COVID-19. Well, said individual eventually dies, succumbing to his gunshot wound. However, he is reported, and recorded, as having died due to coronavirus, and not the obvious gunshot wound. Yes, people do still die because of high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and compromised immune systems, but what we now know is that COVID-19 enhances those chances of death, it is not the primary cause. For whatever reason, COVID-19 attaches itself to those with underlying health issues.

Now, what if the so-called “experts” had been forthcoming with that information early on, and not the alarmist regurgitation of erroneous computer models?

I am 59 years of age. I have a heart pacemaker implant. I take high blood pressure medications, Losartan, and Nifedipine. I also run anywhere from three up to six miles every day. I watch my diet and I am under 10 percent body fat…so why am I on lockdown? Heck, why are healthy Americans being forced into isolation? Why is our economy still locked down? Why do we have these elected tyrants imposing these draconian measures upon the American people? Why have these jackasses forced upon us a situation where now we are looking at an economic catastrophe with over 22 million Americans unemployed, oil futures market crashed into the negative trading level, and suicides are on the increase as small businesses may never recover?

Leaders do not pursue “carpet bombing” approaches to solving an issue, a crisis. Leaders study and ask the hard questions of the so-called “experts” and then make informed decisions. There is no justification for the pain some idiot elected officials have unleashed upon the American people. Yes, I said it, useful idiots. We do not need any more “stimulus” packages which only serve to drive this nation further into debt. Consider this simple number from my state of Texas, which has an estimated population of 29 million, 1.5 million unemployed, and less than 600 deaths related to COVID-19. That is why Common Core math doesn’t work.

Reopen our economy. We do not need any studies, commissions, task forces, nor any more threats of fines and oppression. Churchill stated, “Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.”

Here’s a little advice, next time, tell us the doggone truth and give us guidelines. Treat us as adults who can make our own decisions and do what is right for our own health and healthcare. No more collective solutions and punitive measures! Right now, every elected official who does not heed this advice will find themselves voted out of office. I will personally make that my mission.

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