A photo of the migrant caravan on its way to the US taken in Mexico City in an article on illegal immigration and the border crisis by Allen West on the Old School Patriot website

Real vs. Manufactured Crisis

In Front Page, National Security by Allen West

There was once a master propagandist who asserted something like, the more you tell a lie, it will eventually become truth. That has, without a doubt, been the mantra of the progressive socialist left aided by their accomplices, the liberal progressive media. And, there is no greater evidence of collusion than the coordinated messaging of the left, and a complicit media, on the issue of border security vs. government shutdown. One is indeed a real crisis, unreported, and the other a truly manufactured, political, crisis that is overly reported. The effect of this deliberate propaganda approach is revealing itself.

As reported by Townhall:

“A new poll finds that many voters see the partial government shutdown as an even bigger problem than the border and are blaming President Trump more than congressional Democrats for it. 

According to the Fox News Poll, there is increased support for the border wall, 43 percent, which is four points higher than in September, but a majority of Americans (51 percent) oppose building the structure.

When respondents were asked to describe the shutdown and the border as either an emergency/major problem or minor problem, 75 percent described the shutdown as a major problem—higher than the 59 percent who said the border situation is a major problem.

The survey also found that more blame for the partial government shutdown was placed on President Trump (51 percent) than on Democrats in Congress (34 percent).”

As stated by Fox News:

“The perceived gravity of the shutdown doesn’t translate into a bipartisan urgency to end it. Rather, more than one third of wall opponents (37 percent) want Democrats to keep the government shuttered until Trump gives in, while two-thirds of pro-wall voters (69 percent) want Trump to keep the government shut until Democrats give in.

“One interesting dynamic is the pro-wall people are much more likely to want to go the distance on the shutdown than the anti-wall people,” says Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts the Fox News Poll with Democrat Chris Anderson.

“It seems the Democrats would pay a lesser price for compromising, but many Democratic lawmakers think compromising would encourage Trump to play brinksmanship again on other issues.” 

I find this poll very interesting for a couple of reasons. First, who were the people surveyed? I would tend to believe that if this survey was done, specifically, using persons living along our porous southern border, the results may have been different. Were the respondents in this survey more connected to government services? What information was provided to the respondents about the issues along our southern border, including the effectiveness of the border wall that was erected in the San Diego border crossing zone?

Second, who are the real “victims” — or to use the word du jour “hostages” — in this current debate? It appears that the liberal progressive media wants to portray government employees as the ones suffering, and yes, not getting paid is disconcerting.

As well, consider our US Coast Guard who must conduct the duties and responsibilities that are part of our national security, yet are not being paid. The reason being that the US Coast Guard is funded under the Department of Homeland Security, not the Department of Defense. That is an easy fix: pass an appropriations measure to fund the Coast Guard, or move the Coast Guard under DoD for funding in defense discretionary budgeting with a special line item since they do have arrest authority, unlike our traditional Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force.

But, my second point really looks at the real victims of this real crisis, those who are living in fear along our open border . . . and those who have lost loved ones to a failed immigration system that is enabling countless violations and crimes to be committed by criminal illegal immigrants. These are the people being held hostage!

Speaker Nancy Pelosi says we must open up the government, then we can “talk” about border security. Doggone, we have heard that line since 1986. The time for talk has ended. It is now a time for action.

President Trump laid out the terms to negotiate an end to this stalemate. Conditions and terms that were disavowed by the Democrat, progressive socialists, Schumer and Pelosi, before he even made his Saturday address. If the left believes that we should just continue to sacrifice innocent Americans for their ideological agenda, they are delusional. President Trump was very conciliatory and, yes, even those brought here to America at a young age were offered an extension.

We must remember that all those who have been killed by criminal illegal immigrants and gang members — Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw II, Mollie Tibbetts, Pierce Corcoran, Nisa Mickens, and Kayla Cuevas — were also “dreamers.” Not only were their dreams cut short, but the dreams of their parents were destroyed.

So, who defines the meaning of a victim or a hostage in this issue? I tend to believe that those living along the border who live in fear of home invasions are held hostage . . . every night and day. Yet, their fears and concerns are referred to as a “manufactured crisis.”

All of this is happening as yet another “migrant caravan” — supported by progressive socialist leftists — makes its way through Mexico, heading towards our southern border.

Our immediate concern should be the safety and security of Americans, as well as protecting, safeguarding, the sovereignty of our Constitutional Republic. It appears that Nancy Pelosi, the progressive socialist left, and the liberal progressive media do not believe that to be the case.

We need to end absurd programs such as the visa lottery and chain migration. There must be an end to social welfare benefits to those in our country illegally. We need to clean up the definition of “asylum,” and close these loopholes by which leftist lawyers are coaching people, south of our border, to exploit. There is a real crisis of illicit drugs, Islamic jihadists, human trafficking, vicious gang members, and criminal illegal immigrants flowing freely across our southern border.

Anyone that does not place this as a priority should not be an elected representative of the American people, because they are not honoring their oath to our rule of law, the US Constitution.

The left and the leftist media has, as always, done a superb job of redefining this issue. They have deliberately, intentionally, not told the truth, the real story of the true victims, hostages, of our failed immigration policy. These surveys need to ask those Americans who are directly affected by the lack of a deterrent focused border security system. Yes, a system that includes a wall, barrier, obstacle, call it what you want, but something to deter, block, and channel this situation into more controllable areas for our deployed Border Patrol agents. Heck, how many US Border Patrol Agents were part of this survey?

Lastly, I find it reprehensible that elected officials would run and tout the answers of unknown people as a reason to dismiss their constitutional duty, responsibility.

There is a real crisis at our border and American citizens are being held hostage, and they are the victims of another crisis in America. That real crisis is a lack of principled, courageous, American leadership on Capitol Hill. Instead, we have a gaggle of lying, deceitful, cowardly, politicians who care nothing about our country. And those charlatans, such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, are guilty of manufacturing a crisis, enabled by a complicit leftist media, due to their idiocy, incompetence, and delusion.

Secure our border, restore the government, honor your doggone oath to our Constitution, and stop playing games with the lives of Americans.

I think no member of the US House or Senate should be getting paid at this time . . . perhaps they are the real non-essential personnel. Bet that would get their attention.