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The Real War on Women, Enabled by the Left

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It has to be blatantly obvious to us all — those with functioning cerebral capacity — that the progressive socialist left cares more about their ideological agenda than they do about the American people. Last weekend was yet another tragedy in the city of Chicago, with over 70 shootings resulting in some 13 dead. But, what does Mayor Rahm Emanuel consider more important? Yes, being a sanctuary city, just like California, namely, San Francisco which made the decision that protecting and defending a criminal illegal immigrant was more important than a young American woman, Kate Steinle.

As a matter of fact, I would bet that if you went to San Francisco, or Cal Berkeley, and asked the population who Kate Steinle was, the responses would be appalling. All over our land, we hear the leftist rallying behind insidious proclamations of “Abolish ICE” as they seek to tug at our hearts about separations at the border of those crossing illegally into America. In many cases there are those who are crossing illegally into America claiming children that are not theirs. There have been children, young girls, sexually abused by the drug cartels and “coyotes,” or even by other illegal immigrants, some of whom are gang members — pretending to be younger than they are.

What, may I ask, could be more moral than the safety and security of the American people, particularly young women? Click To Tweet

What is clear for us all is that the progressive socialist left would prefer us, law-abiding, legal Americans, to be held hostage by those exploiting their absurdity over open borders. Recently, Congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talked about free health care, free education, and other delusional socialist policies and ideas are based on a sense of morality. Yes, the left is so very adept in their use of language to justify their failed concepts and agenda as being moral.

What, may I ask, could be more moral than the safety and security of the American people, particularly young women?

As reported by CNS News:

“An illegal alien from Honduras who raped a child after being released by a “sanctuary city” that refused to honor a detainer lodged by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) pleaded guilty Tuesday to illegal reentry into the U.S.

“Juan Ramon Vasquez, a citizen of Honduras, pleaded guilty today to illegal reentry after deportation,” U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain announced Wednesday in a statement — “The facts of this case highlight the danger posed by the City of Philadelphia’s decision to disregard ICE detainers and release previously deported aliens from local custody,” McSwain said, recounting how Philadelphia’s defiance of federal authorities enabled the illegal alien to commit the rape of a minor: “In May 2009, the defendant was deported from the United States. Thereafter, in March 2014, the defendant was found back in the United States by U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) officers.

At that time, Vasquez was in the custody of the Philadelphia Department of Prisons. “The City of Philadelphia thereafter chose not to comply with a detainer lodged by ICE for the defendant, who was instead released from custody by the Philadelphia Department of Prisons. After his release, the defendant was rearrested and convicted for rape of a child and unlawful sexual contact with a minor. The defendant is currently serving a sentence of 8 to 20 years in state prison.”

Will anyone ask the mayor of Philadelphia who benefits from the policy of making the City of Brotherly Love a sanctuary for illegal immigrants? If we “abolish ICE” who maintains the rule of law when it comes to keeping criminal illegal immigrants off our streets? Amazingly, here we have a real “war on women” that is being waged by criminal illegal immigrants, enabled by the insane ideological agenda of the left, that few are talking about. If there is an issue that should be hung about the necks of these left-wing ideologues like a millstone, it is this one. The leftists claim to be such champions of women. Actually, it’s just the women who embrace their beliefs. To the left, marching and supporting criminal illegal immigrants is more important than protecting young girls being victimized by those to whom they are providing “sanctuary.”

I find it so very disturbing that during the State of the Union Address, earlier this year, when the parents of two young girls brutally killed by the illegal immigrant gang, MS-13, the left sided with the gang. Later in the year, Nancy Pelosi showed more indignation over President Trump referring to this gang, MS-13, as animals. Pelosi referred to members of this gang as having a “spark of divinity.” Tell that to those parents from Long Island whose daughters were brutally hacked and beaten to death. There were members of the liberal progressive media and the Democrat party that assailed President Trump for trying to castigate all illegal immigrants as MS-13 members — he was not.

The left in America cannot even bring themselves to say the word “illegal.” You know, this animal who raped an underaged girl in Philadelphia is just “undocumented.” That is how the left in America rolls, they just change the definition, designation, and classification in order to justify their agenda.

To the left, marching and supporting criminal illegal immigrants is more important than protecting young girls being victimized by those to whom they are providing 'sanctuary.' Click To Tweet

For the leftists, socialists, and Marxists in America, the end justify the means, and that means what is lawful and legal is based upon their ideological agenda. They see nothing wrong with harboring, releasing, and abetting criminal behavior — even illegal immigrant criminal behavior. They see nothing wrong with murdering an unborn child because the child matters far less when it comes to their ideological agenda. There is no such thing as a rule of law with the left, there is only rule.

If we cannot comprehend this, and present the progressive socialist left with a massive electoral defeat, then, yes, we are also enabling their rule, and the undermining of our rule of law.