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Redistribution, Reparations, and Training the Next Generation of Progressive Socialists

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We shared with you yesterday the new California progressive socialist “mandate:” you will install solar panels on your new home. Now, some of you may ask, where do these people come from, well, we are gonna share that with you.

As reported by Campus Fix:

“The student government of the University of California, Berkeley, will vote today on whether to defund Berkeley’s chapter of the College Republicans and reallocate those funds to the Black Student Union. The Berkeley College Republicans, meanwhile, have slammed the proposal, calling the proposition “poorly researched and unscrupulous” and stating that it is “based on a complete falsehood.” Senator Rizza Estacio, a member of the Associated Students of the University of California, proposed the reallocation of funding on the grounds that the College Republicans’ behavior during campus events was in violation of school policy. “Some of what this organization has done has broken regulations that we uphold to every registered student organization,” 

Estacio told the student newspaper, The Daily Californian. “I want to make it clear that if you break these rules, you are no longer eligible for our funding.” In a statement obtained by The College Fix, the Berkeley College Republicans expressed hope that the student government “censures Senator Estacio for this poorly researched and unscrupulous proposal.” “The backdrop of this proposal is based on a complete falsehood,” the group said, adding that the Berkeley College Republicans were “not involved in any capacity with the planning and organization of Free Speech Week.” 

You know at least one place where they grow the next generation of progressive socialists: the college campus. But, let’s take a close look at this absurdity. First of all, these cupcakes wanna punish the College Republicans for violating school policy. Where was Senator Rizza Estacio when black-clad, masked, Antifa radicals were destroying school property? What condemnation went out from the Associated Students governing body, then?

This reminds me of the UN relationship with Israel, and the Arabs who call themselves “Palestinians.” The Palestinians can go around blowing up stuff, and conducting terrorist activities, and even use innocent women and children as human shields, yet, the UN says nothing. However, the very existence of Israel is an affront to the United Nations’ “school policy.” You know, the campus leftists say nothing about Islamic jihadism, but they are all over that BDS (Boycott, Divest, and Sanction) movement against Israel.

I know, I am making too much sense which really angers the left — get over it.

Who are these little socialists-in-training to decide the redistribution of resources for no reason? I would dare ask the nature of some groups on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, and the amount of funds they receive. This is no different from the grown-up, delusional, socialists like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi, who believe that they should make the determination as to who gets what, based upon their ideological agenda and perspective.

You know, the tax cut law is failing, it’s just “crumbs.”’ However, when Barack Obama cut payroll taxes and Americans got back $40, well, that was just the most glorious thing ever. The real reason was that they — the liberal progressives in government — got to decide the minuscule pittance you received as part of their wealth redistribution scheme. I truly scratch my head when they decry $2000 as “crumbs.” Their real angst is that they did not get to take that away from one entity and redistribute it to another.

You know, the tax cut law is failing, it's just 'crumbs.’ However, when Barack Obama cut payroll taxes and Americans got back $40, well, that was just the most glorious thing ever. Click To Tweet

Why are these funds, and resources, being taken away from the College Republicans and given to the Black Student Union? Is this some aspect of “reparations?” You know that tired old “those UC-Berkeley black students are descendants of slaves” message. Imagine the progressive socialist outrage if someone were to defund Planned Parenthood and reallocate the funds to an urban school choice program? Yes, wouldn’t that be grand! Take away the $568.7M from Planned Parenthood, an organization whose primary purpose is to murder unborn children, that was founded by a white supremacist and racist, and reallocate the funds to better inner-city educational opportunities. Nah, not happening, but a worthy concept. But, defunding the College Republicans to the benefit of the Black Student Union is a shameless act.

Why was there any angst about a “Free Speech Week?” I thought that was part of our First Amendment in the Bill of Rights? Maybe I’m not getting something here, but if a “Free Speech Week” is the basis for this defunding action, well, we have a much bigger problem on our college and university campuses.

Bottom line” what’s happening at the University of California-Berkeley is wrong – very, very  wrong. It does remind us of something, though: this is how the progressive socialist left does business. They do not want open debate, or the existence of any opposing voice. Therefore, their modus operandi is to destroy, and decimate, any, and all, political and ideological viewpoints, perspectives, and organizations. And, yes, they will use any aspect of power to achieve those ends. Thus, a student political organization denigrates, disparages, demonizes, and defunds the College Republicans.

This is where it begins . . . and it ends up with a Barack Obama unleashing his political power, weaponizing the Internal Revenue Service, to do exactly what is being done at UC-Berkeley. That is how you train the next generation of little socialists, radicals who have no rules.