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Religious Freedom: America’s First Liberty

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“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . .”

Well, it is that time again. This evening the Democrat (socialist) Party presidential debate clown car makes its next stop in the battleground, “rust belt,” state of Ohio.

How interesting it is that in the leftist political party of America, we have an open brawl about who is more socialist than the other. Yes, in America, we have presidential candidates arguing over one being “capitalist to the core” as though that is a bad thing? Of course, that accusation comes from the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, who just happens to own several lake houses and drives a pretty posh Audi. I find this beyond humorous, it is abjectly comical that progressive socialists denigrate constitutional conservatives as “extremists,” while they fight among themselves to be the most socialist!

I will certainly be enjoying my popcorn and Country Time raspberry lemonade as I watch a live version of “The Joker,” except this version is plural, not singular.

However, that is not the purpose of today’s Old School Patriot Memo. I want to bring your attention to the absurd statement — among many that could be presented as evidence — of one Democrat (socialist) Party presidential candidate, Robert Francis O’Rourke.

Just last week ol’ skateboarding Bob Frank said that any church that does not embrace, support, same-sex marriage should have their tax-exempt status revoked. Yep, it is rather obvious that Bob has never read the Constitution.

First, he came out admitting that he would confiscate weapons from law-abiding, legal, American gun owners, clearly a violation of the Second Amendment. Well, remember I said he comes up with incessant absurd statements? Now, he has taken sights upon our very first liberty, individual right, first of all of our Bill of Rights, the freedom of religion. And, he has done that in two cases.

First, let me reiterate this point since we do not teach civics anymore in our schools. Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter to Connecticut’s Danbury Baptist Convention. In that letter, he mentioned the principle of “separation of church and state.” That principle, for you progressive socialist leftists, is not enshrined in the Declaration of Independence or our US Constitution . . . sorry. It was a concept, ideal, that here in America we would not have a head of State, or the State, become the head of Church, or establish a church. That was the lesson history taught from King Henry VIIIth who created the Church of England, and made himself head of the Church, as he was the king and head of State. The reason why ol’ King Henry did so was because he wanted a divorce and the Catholic Church refused to grant it. In other words, King Henry VIIIth created a religion to suit his personal, ideological, agenda.

The result was that as king, everyone was compelled to obey his rule, edicts. And, as king and head of the Church of England, everyone was ordered to obey his edicts and dogma as it applied to his beliefs. None other were to be tolerated . . . meaning religious persecution. Early on, one man, a trusted adviser of King Henry VIIIth, challenged him, Sir Thomas More. The 1966 film, “A Man for all Seasons” depicts this historic confrontation, and More’s testimony before the court was impeccable. Sadly, Sir Thomas More, Saint Thomas More, was found guilty and sentenced to death. He was beheaded.

Oh, and please stop using that fake Hispanic nickname for Bob Frank. That fella is about as Hispanic as I am Norwegian. Click To Tweet

Make no mistake, what Bob Frank is advancing is no different from what King Henry VIIIth endeavored to do: establish a religion with personal, ideological, agendas as its basis. And, there is no religion of faith freedom is it does not abide by the established religion, beliefs, of the State: government. What Bob Frank O’Rourke and his ilk are promoting is that their ideological agenda — same-sex marriage, man-made climate change, gender dysphoria, and even wealth redistribution — are indeed religious beliefs for them. Therefore, no other faith belief can stand before them, well, save for Islamo-fascism . . . which also operates under the same premise!

Here in Texas, what O’Rourke has proposed is not new. It was openly lesbian former Houston Mayor Annise Parker who demanded, ordered, several local Houstonian Christian pastors to surrender their sermons. They were preaching against the bathroom edict she was seeking to impose. As I stated, Mayor Parker’s religion was gender dysphoria.

We know that a Christian baker, Jack Phillips, was dragged before the highest court in the land, similar to Sir Thomas More, to defend his religious freedom for not baking a cake for a same-sex marriage. Aaron and Melissa Klein of Oregon, also Christian bakers, had their lives and business destroyed because they also declined to produce a cake for a same-sex marriage. So it goes, a florist in Washington state, a portrait studio owner in New Mexico, all assailed, prosecuted, and persecuted by the State, government, for their faith beliefs. At no point in time did they promote an agenda of hatred, they just felt their religious freedom to believe that marriage was between one man and one woman was sacrosanct, according to our very first liberty, it is supposed to be. Just imagine, perhaps if the progressive socialist left could execute them they would. God knows that they seek to kill their quality of life.

Only 25 percent of professed #Christians #vote. You can bet that the progressive socialist left is depending on that statistic to stay that way, or even get lower. #tcot #ccot #GOTV Click To Tweet

Now, combine this assessment with the fact that only 25 percent of professed Christians vote. You can bet that the progressive socialist left is depending on that statistic to stay that way, or even get lower.

Please, do not dismiss Bob Frank as some outlier. He is a reflection of who the left is in America, with their goals and objectives. No, Bob ain’t gonna be President . . . this time around. O’Rourke is not running to be president; he is running in this cycle for relevance. He is running to prove that he is the one who can deliver Texas to the progressive socialist left. After all, he came within 2.6 percent of becoming a US Senator from Texas, based upon his skateboarding skills, nothing more.

O’Rourke is in competition with another progressive socialist leftist from Texas, Julian Castro. O’Rourke’s plan is truly to be noticed as he is saying all the whacked-out things representative of the Democrat (socialist) base. If the presidential nominee for the leftists ends up being from the upper Northeast — Sanders or Warren — or if Kamala Harris has a resurrection, O’Rourke becomes vital as a running mate. The left believes that he can regenerate the energy and enthusiasm of progressive socialism here in the Lone Star State. And, at this time, the Texas GOP is limping along, after the perception of betrayal from the 2019 Texas legislative session.

@BetoORourke came within 2.6 percent of becoming a US Senator from Texas, based upon his skateboarding skills, nothing more. Click To Tweet

Churches awake! The spirit of Sir Thomas More is calling out to you. If you have never read the story, or seen the movie “A Man for all Seasons,” find it, and watch it. I think all of these mega-churches should do some good and show that film. After all, it did win countless Academy Awards, and you can bet that Hollywood will not be remaking that story. It runs contrary to their religion.

There is a quote attributed to one George Santayana, circa 1928, that says, “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it themselves.” There is a very distinct reason why religious freedom is our very first liberty. Just as then in England, it is under attack in my state, government. And as Sir Edmund Burke stated, “all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing.” Sir Thomas More did something, he sacrificed his life for what was right and true . . . What say you?

Oh, and please stop using that fake Hispanic nickname for Bob Frank. That fella is about as Hispanic as I am Norwegian.

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