Photo of a baby sleeping on a parent, in an article by Allen West about abortion's genocide in the black community.

Reparations and Genocide: Leftist Gifts to Black Community

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Yesterday, I spent an incredible day at the Turning Point USA Teen Student Summit. It was incredible to see so many young conservative teenagers rejecting the false narrative of economic enslavement and the perils of socialism. These are the young people who find themselves chastised by peers and their teachers for having the desire to think on their own, choosing the path of equality of opportunity, not equality of outcomes. It is so very humbling to see these young people who are deciding that in their lives they are choosing to be victors, not victims.


I wish that within the Black community in America, we would find the ideological courage to make the same decision.

Sadly, there are real “sellouts” in the black community that have sold us down the road to perdition, for their own political advancement. Truthfully, there are blacks who are still enslaving other blacks to whites for their own selfish gain, and the consequences have been utterly damaging.

On Juneteenth — a day to celebrate emancipation — Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee led the charge, and a hearing was held in the US House of Representatives about slave reparations.

I have written previously about my disdain and offense at this absurd idea. But, once again, it is evidence of the pittance that these white progressive socialists believe they can throw at the black community to keep us on their 21st-century economic plantation. While they seem to believe that these reparations are a deserving gift, it is just another of their curses. Just like the curse of destroying the traditional nuclear black family of one man and one woman, due to their curse of welfare for children out of wedlock. Just as the curse of failing schools in the inner city neighborhoods which are robbing our children of their greatest chance to escape. Heck, it was Barack Hussein Obama who sold out black children in DC when he canceled the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program in April 2009 . . . all while sending his two girls to prestigious Sidwell Friends.

But, somehow, we black constitutional conservatives are denigrated and demeaned as being the “sellouts.” “oreos,” “Uncle Toms,” and other hate-filled monikers, all because we refuse to accept the poison pill of white progressive socialists . . . their perceived gifts.

There is another gift that the left has cursed us with. It is a scourge that all through the horrors of slavery and segregation was never accepted by the Black community: killing our unborn children.

As reported by LiveAction:

“A U.S. National Day of Mourning is planned for late August to draw attention to the deaths of more than 20,000,000 black lives snuffed out by abortion. The event will also draw attention to abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s targeting of black babies under what organizers of the event say is a “plan of extermination” called “The Negro Project.” 

“These black lives do matter,” said Catherine Davis to LifeSiteNews.

Davis is spearheading efforts by allied pro-life organizations Civil Rights for the Unborn, the Douglass Leadership Institute, and The Restoration Project to host the day of mourning. Davis, the Christian founder of the Restoration Project, has been active in the pro-life movement for decades as a post-abortive woman. She has testified before Congress on the eugenic goals of the Planned Parenthood to eliminate blacks. Among her projects is to ultimately charge Planned Parenthood with the crime of genocide, as defined by U.S. federal statute. 

The Day of Mourning will begin with a procession in Richmond, VA on August 30 and will end on August 31 in Birmingham, AL with stops in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA. Women joining the event are asked to wear white to mourn the loss of the lives of black babies. Men are asked to wear black. The Day of Mourning will end with a prayer rally. 

Noting the history of “skin color politics” in Virginia, Davis said a particular concern is the planned construction of an abortion facility in Church Hill, a majority black district in Richmond, the capital city. According to the National Day of Mourning website, Planned Parenthood referred to mortality rates for black infants and mothers in its 2012 statement of need that sought to justify spending $5 million on a 10,000 sq. ft. facility in the neighborhood. It is being built close to Mount Olivet Church, a majority black congregation. Members of the congregation, Davis said, have demanded that the “facility” be moved elsewhere.

The National Day of Mourning website states that Planned Parenthood is targeting black communities in: Richmond, Virginia; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Birmingham, Alabama.  In Birmingham, for example, an abortion clinic is due to be built just blocks away from the 16th Street Baptist Church, where Ku Klux Klan terrorists set a bomb that killed four little girls in 1963 [coincidental?].”

Ask yourselves: will Michelle Obama be participating in this? Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Beyoncé, or Ayanna Pressley? Will this be covered by Ebony, Jet, Essence, or BET? Will Black Lives Matter support this National Day of Mourning? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Barack Obama?

So, who are the real sellouts here?

Let me restate that number: 20,000,000 black babies murdered in the womb by an organization founded by a white supremacist and racist, and we hear not a damn thing from the progressive socialist left about this . . . here is real racism! Will CNN commentators ask a question about this at the Democrat (socialist) Party presidential debate they are holding?

Yet, we are supposed to believe that this is all about a woman’s right to choose. Choose what? The extermination, genocide, of an entire race? The very first inalienable right of Life, from the moment that human life is detected. We know that a heartbeat starts at 18 days.

I know Catherine Davis, and back during my time as a member of Congress, I hosted her and other black pro-life members on Capitol Hill. And, guess what? Not a single black Democrat co-sponsored the event. Despicable. As well, Catherine is a fellow native-born Georgian, and I am proud to stand with her on this issue. Tell me, where else could such an evident travesty go unnoticed, with no media coverage?

We committed ourselves to “Never Again” for the Holocaust that took the lives of some 8M Jewish people. What shall be our rally cry for this horror? For how long shall we continue to turn a blind eye to deliberate, intentional, genocide? What the Ku Klux Klan could not do is being carried out by the legacy organization of a woman, Margaret Sanger, who spoke at Klan rallies, far more effectively and politically sanctioned, and funded.

Let me say once again, it appears that since 1973 in Roe v. Wade, the community most adversely affected by the misguided Supreme Court decision is the black community. Twenty million black babies murdered in their mother’s womb. All in just 46 years.

It is saddening . . . but it is also angering!

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