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My Report From Our Border

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I awoke this morning to do my ritual four mile run just a few miles from our southern border in McAllen, Texas. I am here at the invitation of the Hidalgo County GOP to spend a day and a half at “ground zero” in the illegal immigration invasion that is happening. I have had the opportunity to ride my motorcycle through the Big Bend Sector of the Texas-Mexico border, and ridden through the town of Del Rio. I was able to see just how open our southern border truly is. As well, during my visit to Tombstone, Arizona, last summer, I was able to speak with residents about the border situation.

Anyone still calling this is all a “manufactured crisis” is evidencing their delusion, that they are abject political hacks. I will be sharing with y’all what I see and experience, but here is a bit of an insight into the situation here.

As reported by the NY Post:

“In this palm-studded city on the southern tip of Texas — “ground zero” in the border crisis between the US and Mexico — there is a new Maserati dealership and ads for Rolex and Cartier watches at the airport. There are also dozens of plush jewelry stores, where one vendor told The Post that she regularly imports African diamonds for custom engagement rings. In many of the gated communities in the area, terra cotta-roofed mansions sit empty behind concrete walls.

On Saturday, the McAllen Polo Club held its annual Hot Air Balloon Festival and Polo Match at Springfest Park, a sprawling, immaculately manicured green space for the smart set and their horses. At the upscale La Plaza Mall, shoppers and their kids lined up to meet the Easter Bunny and well-dressed young professionals tucked into steaks at the Texas de Brazil grill. McAllen lies eight miles from the Mexican border, in one of the 30 poorest enclaves in the country, Hidalgo County, where 34 percent of residents live in poverty, according to US Census data. So who is spending all this cash?

In addition to cross-border shoppers, who local store owners said make up 30 percent of McAllen’s $3.2 billion in annual retail sales, the city is a favorite destination for drug traffickers.

“It’s all about smuggling here,” said a federal law-enforcement source. “Whether it’s drugs, or people smuggling, the cartels are laundering their cash right here.”

Some of that cash even makes its way into political campaigns in this traditionally Democratic stronghold. In addition to drug trafficking, the Mexican cartels have made billions of dollars on the massive flow of illegal migrants into the Rio Grande Valley region near cities like McAllen, according to the US Customs and Border Protection. 

“The current migration patterns have reaped huge profits for the transnational criminal organizations that use smuggling as a cash flow source,” Rodolfo Karisch, chief patrol agent for the Rio Grande Valley Section of US Border Patrol, said in testimony to the Senate last week.

In McAllen, a city of just over 140,000, Border Patrol choppers regularly hover overhead en route to the border, where agents scour the rugged terrain for illegal immigrants, many of them in life-threatening situations, suffering from hypothermia, exhaustion or starvation.

In McAllen and the surrounding Rio Grande Valley, agents are reporting “caravan-equivalent numbers” arriving every week, and more than 1,000 people arriving every day.

Cartel and gang members are among the largest beneficiaries of this crisis. Groups such as the CDG and Los Zetas regularly hire unemployed local youth to do a variety of jobs, from dropping off cash at banks to buying bulk supplies of food and other provisions at Costco and BJ’s for the migrants they hold in stash houses in the area.

Migrants who pay gangs to bring them over the border into the US are often herded into local homes and detained for weeks at a time in order for the smugglers to extort even more money from their family members living in other parts of the US. If they don’t pay, some of the newly arrived are forced into becoming drug mules for the cartels. Many of the women are forced into sex slavery, according to a federal source.”

As stated, this is, politically, a Democrat stronghold, which may explain the level of corruption and the fact this lawlessness is being dismissed. As we asserted yesterday, the progressive socialist left does not want these illegal immigrants transported to sanctuary states and cities for illegal immigrants. They would prefer keeping them right here in the Rio Grand Valley in order to maintain their electoral hold.

In other words, the business of illegal immigration is good business for the progressive socialist left. That means, the Democrat (socialist) Party is thoroughly content with “colluding” with the vicious Mexican drug cartels, who are also “colluding” with Islamic terrorists . . . oops, I mean “some people” and jihadists to enter our country.

There is nothing coincidental about what is happening along our southern border. All of this is well planned and resourced. There is no other explanation. This is a coordinated operation that extends thousands of miles.

What is utterly disconcerting is that we have elected officials in these United States of American aiding and abetting this to happen. Instead of taking the time to correct our absurd immigration laws, the asylum and accompanying minors, children, statutes specifically, then leftists in the US House of Representatives voted to allow illegal immigrants — oops, “newcomers” — to vote in our local elections. What does that mean for a city like McAllen? What does it mean for the thousands of illegal immigrants who are at the mercy of these drug cartels, openly operating inside the territorial borders of these United States of America with impunity?

President Trump recently declared the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) an islamic terrorist organization. We need a declaration that castigates these Mexican and Central American gangs as domestic terrorist organizations, such as MS-13, Los Zetas, and the Gulf Cartel (CDG). We need to place pressure on the host countries of these gangs to crack down on them as well.

There are those who say we need to do something about the opioid crisis in the United States which is taking the lives of thousands of America. Well, that starts with the flow of the product into the country.

“Many Mexico-based cartels such as Los Zetas have used the confusion at the border to increase the flow of illegal drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine.In February, Border Patrol agents seized 1,000 pounds of meth and 10 pounds of cocaine, with an estimated street value of $14.5 million in Pharr, just outside McAllen where the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge connects to the Mexican border town of Reynosa. The area is the biggest transshipment point for marijuana coming into the US, according to Customs and Border Protection.”

And what about the bleeding progressive socialist hearts who embraced the #MeToo movement, the war on women theme, and are part of the Women’s March? Why are these people not speaking out about the “rape trees” and the savagery of human and sex trafficking? Many fail to realize that here, where I reside, Dallas, Texas, is one of the most troubling places for sex trafficking in the country. Why not, since there is a direct pipeline. Oh, and did I tell you that the Dallas County Commission voted to be a sanctuary county?

Back to McAllen, Texas:

“Drug proceeds go into real estate and nightclubs, which open for a few months and then shut down, a local real-estate agent told The Post. Traffickers on both sides of the border use local banks and notaries to set up limited liability companies, which shield their identities, then invest millions in commercial properties in the city.

“There are so many layers of corporations that it becomes very difficult to trace the money back to its criminal origin,” the source told The Post. In fact, there is so much money currently flowing into McAllen that a new Lexus dealership opened last week, and a salesperson at the Maserati showroom said they had just closed on one of their most expensive models. The real-estate agent observed, “It’s sad to say, but there is a lot of money laundering going on here.”

Yet, with all of this criminal activity, lawlessness, and violations of our sovereignty, and disrespect of our rule of law, the progressive socialist left continues to say this is just a “manufactured crisis.” This is just something President Trump has created for political purposes. Heck, even the quite deranged New York Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has blamed this crisis of illegal immigration along our southern border on, yes, climate change.

Perhaps there is a simple reason why the Democrat (socialist) Party dismisses what is happening at our border, in McAllen, Texas, and across our Constitutional Republic. They like everything just how it is, and are happy to allow the free reign of Mexican transnational criminal organizations (TNCOs) and the infiltration of illegal immigrants.

The Democrat (socialist) Party has embraced the concept of lawlessness for the purposes of undermining our country in order to gain political power.

That, folks, is truth and it is FUBAR!

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