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Root of the Left’s Opposition to the Wall

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Without a doubt, opposition to the wall is all about a political, and ideological, agenda for the progressive socialist left. We have all seen the countless video of leftists agreeing we have a problem — and even using the words “illegal immigration” — and that we should stem the flow of illegal immigrants into America.

The problem is that now, their hypocrisy is widely exposed. They have never believed in securing our borders and stemming this tide. The great thing was they knew the Republicans didn’t believe in it either! Yes, how else can one explain why — with a majority in the US House and Senate — the GOP did not push for this in their budgets for two years?

Now, some would say that they didn’t have the needed 60 votes in the US Senate. Well, then you pummel the opposition. And if the opposition, the left, is still obstinate about the matter of border security, you take the issue to the American people. Ya know, those folks who live in fear of, and being killed by, this growing criminal element in our nation.

But, there is a strategic reason the left cares little about stopping the flow of illegal immigrants, and why they support sanctuary state and city policies . . . and abolishing ICE.

As reported by WFAA, right here in my home of Dallas, Texas:

“About 95,000 non-citizens are registered to vote in Texas, and more than half of those have cast ballots in at least one election, Texas Secretary of State David Whitley announced on Friday. 

Whitley’s office, along with the Texas Department of Public Safety, had been investigating possible voter fraud for the last year, according to a news release. 

Of the 95,000 non-citizens registered, 58,000 have voted in one or more elections since 1996. The Secretary of State’s office found those numbers by collecting current DPS data of people who have applied for a driver’s license or state identification card in the last five years with a green card of visa. The investigators then cross-referenced that data with people who are registered to vote. The Secretary of State’s office sent the information to the state attorney general’s office, which will decide whether to pursue voter fraud charges. The attorney general’s office has prosecuted 130 cases of voter fraud since 2005.

In August, WFAA reported that hundreds of non-citizens had been discovered as registered voters and that the secretary of state’s office was working to improve its voter database to determine the exact number of non-citizens registered. 

“Integrity and efficiency of elections in Texas require accuracy of our state’s voter rolls, and my office is committed to using all available tools under the law to maintain an accurate list of registered voters,” Whitley said in a statement. 

But Beth Stevens, voting rights legal director for the Texas Civil Rights Project, said the announcement echoed efforts around the country to remove eligible voters from the rolls.

“The secretary’s actions threaten to result in tens of thousands of eligible voters being removed from the roles, including those with the least resources to comply with the demand to show papers,” Stevens said.

In a state where about 15.8 million Texans are registered to vote, the AG’s office has recently pursued a small number of convictions of illegal voting by non-citizens. Past reviews of the voter rolls by other states ultimately found that only a small number of the thousands of non-citizens they initially flagged had actually voted.

For years, researchers have found that voter fraud is rare and claims that non-citizens are voting in large numbers have not been substantiated.”

Uh, let me explain something here: I do not care if it is just one person . . . for the sake of our electoral integrity, this must end. I always love the left’s response . . . to them, this is always about preventing folks from voting. Look at California. They are allowing illegal immigrants to vote in local elections . . . the left’s end game. In Chicago, a sanctuary city, illegals are going to receive identification cards, and we know that a picture ID is all that is required to vote. Well, some places do not even require that.

I find it interesting that the progressive socialist left is always talking about sealing off loopholes when it comes to firearms sales. Law-abiding, legal, gun owners are not seeking any loopholes, nor are the FFLs who are licensed firearm dealers. They do not want to be imprisoned, charged with a felony crime, and lose their businesses. But, when it comes to voting in America, say anything about closing loopholes, and you are branded a racist, and much more. So what are law-abiding American citizens to think?

Here is the bottom line: the left does not want legal citizens to own firearms to defend themselves. But, the left has no issue with illegals being able to vote in America, and any effort to thwart that is met with, well, resistance.

This is also the key to another issue, which we have presented to y’all here. Should electoral representation be based upon voters, legal Americans, or just numbers? After all, there is a census coming up that will redesign the electoral districts in America. The left wants more based upon urban centers, ya know, places that they turn into sanctuaries for illegal immigrants. So, if based upon the census count of just raw population, Democrats get more electoral districts. Well, you get where I am going.

So, it is not just that some on the left wanna stack the Supreme Court, well, they want to stack urban centers so they can justify more Democrat elected officials . . . How splendid!

All across our land, no one except our own citizens should be on voter rolls. Therein lies the basis of our electoral representation. Now, what the left wants, and sees, in caravan after caravan heading to America, are potential voters. And guess what? They are happy to funnel them into the state of Texas. After all, they got plenty to turn the tide in California and Arizona.

I will give them credit: the progressive socialist left in America has a strategy room, and they are cranking out these ideas and means by which they will undermine this Republic, our America. We are constantly playing catch up, instead of proactively blocking their initiatives, endeavors, and actions. I ain’t a conspiracy theorist, but having Uncle George Soros heavily invested in the company that handles our election machines is rather disconcerting.

I will close on this happy note: we found 95K, who is to say there are not more?