Still from Unplanned: The Movie, about former clinical director, Abby Johnson, in an article on the Old School Patriot by Allen West.

I Saw Unplanned: The Movie

In Culture, Front Page, Unborn by Allen West

Okay, folks, I ain’t no doggone film critic but last night I attended the screening of the movie “Unplanned” that will be released this Friday. It is the true story of the youngest clinical director in Planned Parenthood history, Abby Johnson. In her eight years with the nation’s largest provider of abortions, Abby was recognized as the top Director for Planned Parenthood in 2009. Then something happened, and I ain’t gonna give it away.

This is a profound, true, story that happened right here in Bryan, Texas . . . yes, that is Texas Aggie country. The movie tells the truth about the horrible organization founded by white supremacist, racist, and KKK speaker, Margaret Sanger. If it does not touch your heart, well, heck, you ain’t got a heart, meaning you are probably a progressive socialist that is fond of murdering unborn babies, and, now, those even born.

Okay, spoiler alert, there is a great cameo appearance at the end!

This is a must-see film, especially at a time when there are those who support abject infanticide in America. As far as I am concerned, that R rating is just Hollywood crap, trying to discredit this monumental movie that tells the truth about Planned Parenthood. The rating tells you all you need to know about the progressive socialist left, and how they seek to control the flow of information. It’s time to peel the layers back on Planned Parenthood and end their reign of terror. Let’s make this a top-grossing film on its opening weekend. As you know that is the last thing the leftists want!

Find Unplanned near you with this online location finder. And, finally, watch the movie trailer (with over a million views!) below:

Photo credit: Unplanned: The Movie (Official Site)