Photo of drug paraphernalia in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot about Seattle allowing heroin injection sites, but quashing Second Amendment rights.

Seattle: Heroin, Not Guns

In Front Page, Second Amendment by Allen West

If there is a defining idea that correlates to the progressive socialist left, it is “do as we say, not as we do.” The left wants ideological domination. I say again, they want their ideology to dominate and be the basis for laws, mandates, that they establish. Our rule of law, the US Constitution does not matter, and need not apply.

Here we have yet another example of such liberal progressive absurdity, hypocrisy.

As reported by My Northwest:

“Sheriffs, you better enforce the constitutionally questionable 1639 or you’ll be held liable. But Seattle city officials? Go ahead and ignore the law, move forward with heroin injection sites. 

This is tacitly the message coming from [Washington State] Attorney General Bob Ferguson. He doesn’t enforce the law, he uses his office to push progressive policies that he thinks will land him in the governor’s mansion. 

At least 13 county sheriffs have indicated they won’t proactively enforce 1639, citing very specific issues they have with the bill: taking away rights from 18-20-year-olds, enforcing new gun storage standards that would require them to go door-to-door, and annual check-ins with gun owners to see if they’re legally able to possess their guns. 

Ferguson knows these are valid concerns, so he’s attempting to reframe the argument. In a letter to law enforcement officials, Ferguson focuses on enhanced background checks, which, as far as I can tell, no sheriff has spoken out against in any meaningful way.

Ferguson thinks he can win this specific argument by pretending that’s the concern of sheriffs, which would, of course, demonize them in the minds of folks who are undecided on 1639. 

We’ve reached out to Ferguson’s office. His Communications Director, Brionna Aho, claims the letter isn’t an example of the AG going after sheriffs and, if you hold that position, “you have not read the letter.” 

But I have read the letter and the intent is crystal clear: Ferguson wants you enforcing 1639 in its totality since he believes it’s constitutional.

Indeed, Ferguson writes: “Local law enforcement officials are entitled to their opinions about the constitutionality of any law, but those personal views do not absolve us of our duty to enforce Washington laws and protect the public.” 

But there’s no public push to enforce drug possession laws, which heroin injection sites would openly violate. Heroin possession is illegal under RCW 69.50, yet Ferguson sits idly by as the City of Seattle moves forward to legalize heroin use with injection sites so unsafe, they need to be medically supervised. And his office refuses to go on record about why he won’t engage in this issue.”

Yes, I did read the letter from AG Ferguson to the Sheriffs, and it is indeed a threat. And in the letter, the AG alludes to sheriffs not allowing their ideology to take precedence over the law. Now, that is a real peachy use of words to come from a progressive socialist.

How much flack did Texas Governor Greg Abbott get for having a law that went against sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State? Just imagine, Gov. Abbott’s opponent in the last gubernatorial race was former Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, who supported Dallas County being a sanctuary city. The left thought so highly of her that they ran her for governor. As well, look at how then-Governor Brown treated those elected officials. Yes, sheriffs are elected officials, that would not comply with the California sanctuary state decree.

For the left, their interpretation of the law is their ideological agenda . . . not the Constitution. Therefore, if they want to allow illegal immigrants safe harbor, against our rule of law, you darn well better submit.

Back to the state of Washington: the left’s ideological agenda is to do any and everything to undermine our Second Amendment right. And they pass these “laws” where they enjoy electoral dominance . . . and then expect subjugation. Consider in Seattle where the city council there passed a Gun Violence Tax forcing legal, law-abiding gun purchasers to pay an additional tax on any firearm, along with a tax on each singular piece of ammunition. Why did they do such, because the funds raised, confiscated, were to be used for victims of gun violence…as if a law-abiding citizen seeking to provide their own safety and security is collaterally guilty for the actions of a criminal. Then again, the left allows criminal illegal immigrants sanctuary?

So, Seattle is allowing for open, sanctioned, heroin injection sites, but does not want law-abiding citizens to have protection from this potential danger. Yes, drug addicts that assail, assault, innocent citizens.

If you look at the state electoral map for the state of Washington, you will see a majority red, save for the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area, King County. This is the danger the left poses all across our Republic, control of the major population centers. This is what enables them to garner statewide electoral control . . . dominance.

Washington State AG Ferguson is just the latest example of the left picking and choosing what constitutes a law, and what will be enforced . . . and it is always dictated by their insidious ideological agenda. Newsflash: the Second Amendment is part of our Bill of Rights, in our Constitution.

But, sanctuary states and cities, along with drug injection sites are just hunky-dory . . . Hmm, now you can ascertain why they do not want our southern border sealed, protected.

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