Photo of police sirens and crime scene tape in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot about the Aurora, IL shooting on Feb. 15, 2019

Second Amendment v. Governmental Incompetence

In Front Page, Second Amendment by Allen West

I shared with y’all the inane assertion of one Nancy Pelosi that a future Democrat president would call a national emergency on gun violence. What she is saying that the progressive socialists would seek to use executive power to disarm the American people. What Nancy Pelosi, and indeed the left, believe is that their ideological agenda supersedes the Constitution, our rule of law, the Second Amendment.

When you hear the left talking about “universal background checks,” that’s a dog whistle for nationwide firearm registration. We already see each and every attempt to undermine, infringe upon, the Second Amendment in leftist states regulating the number of rounds a law-abiding, legal gun owner can possess. We even have these weak-kneed Republican governors who submit to the left with reactionary, unconstitutional edicts, that also erode the Second Amendment rights of selective groups, like 18-21-year-olds.

Let’s be honest, the Supreme Court does not make law. Yet, with the Obergefell v. Hodges case, the left declared, via the Obama administration, that same-sex marriage was the “law of the land.” How interesting that there have been several court cases upholding the Second Amendment: Heller v. DC and McDonald v. Chicago, yet the progressive socialist left refuse to recognize the Second Amendment as the true, real, law of the land, enshrined in our individual Bill of Rights . . . Then again, if you replace Civics with social studies, you raise an ignorant generation.

Last week, there was a tragic shooting in Aurora, Illinois, where five innocent Americans lost their lives, and several law enforcement officers were wounded. Immediately, the left began crowing about gun violence in America. But, I assert, the real issue in government incompetence.

As reported by The Hill:

“The man suspected of killing five people in Aurora, Ill., on Friday should not have had the weapon given his criminal record, Aurora police confirmed Saturday. 

Gary Martin, 45, was carrying a Smith & Wesson [.40 cal] handgun when he reported to work Friday at a manufacturing plant, according to police. He had a lengthy criminal record with six prior arrests, including one for a felony aggravated assault charge that prevented him from legally owning the weapon.

“He was not supposed to be in possession of a firearm,” police Chief Kristen Ziman told reporters Saturday, noting police were investigating why the firearm had not been removed from Martin’s possession.

Martin, a 15-year employee of the plant, opened fire after attending a meeting in which his employment was terminated, authorities said.

The five deceased victims are believed to have been in that meeting or nearby in the plant. It is unclear if he was aware beforehand he was being fired, though authorities said they had no other information as to a possible motive.

Martin died after a shootout with officers, police said.”

Yes, five people are dead, unnecessarily, and this a year after some 17 people lost their lives, unnecessarily, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, Florida. Both of these cases can be attributed to government agency incompetence. The firearm was only a tool, a tool that should have never been in the possession of Gary Martin, or Nicolas Cruz.

I just have to wonder, if Nancy Pelosi, or any of her ilk, have ever purchased a firearm and comprehend how the system works? Just like I have to wonder if these same people have ever been down to our southern border and spent 48-72 hours there? The bottom line, we do not need any new “gun control laws,” we just need enforcement of the ones currently on the books.

The bottom line: we do not need any new 'gun control laws,' we just need enforcement of the ones currently on the books. Click To Tweet

Here is the deal — and I speak as someone who has purchased multiple firearms, and is a member of the NRA Board of Directors:

When you purchase a firearm, including at gun shows from an authorized Federal Firearms License holder (FFL), you must complete a Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) Form 4473. There are a series of questions that make inquiry of criminal/felony offenses. This form is run against what is called the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). If a person has lied on the form, they will be flagged, and the FFL will deny them purchase.

Now, I served in the Army for 22 years and received an honorable discharge. I have also served in the US House of Representatives. Yet, each time I purchase a firearm, I am required to complete BATF Form 4473. Trust me, no FFL wants to sell a firearm to a person that has a criminal record. Why? Because it is a felony offense.

Here is the problem: Gary Martin had a criminal background, offenses committed before his 2014 purchase of a firearm. Now, this didn’t get caught at the time of his purchase of the firearm, a handgun. There is also a second error. Martin also went through the process of attaining a concealed carry license (CCL), and when you do so, you must be fingerprinted. Yes, I went through that in Florida, and here in Texas. However, it appears that no one checked the fingerprints of Gary Martin. If they had, then gun confiscation would have been appropriate, legal, and lawful.

This was also the case with the failure of the FBI and the Broward Sheriff’s office in the case of Nicolas Cruz. The Baker Act should have been invoked in his case. After all, there were numerous calls for disturbances relating to Cruz.

Then, there was the church shooter in Sutherland Springs, Texas, who had two strikes: a dishonorable discharge, and a conviction for domestic violence, both questions on the BATF Form 4473. Oh yeah, there is that little factoid that the left hates: the assailant there in Sutherland Springs was taken down by an NRA-trained firearms instructor, Stephen Willeford — whom I have met — with an AR-15. Ya know, a good guy with a gun, stopped a bad guy with a gun.

Hey Nancy, and all you leftists, when you outlaw guns, then only outlaws will have guns. It appears that government incompetence is allowing the bad guys to acquire firearms when we have laws that preclude that from happening.

See, we do not need any new laws, like the insidious “red flag” laws. We just need the federal government to do its job. These chuckleheads need to clean up the NICS rolls and prevent those who should not be able to acquire firearms from acquiring firearms. Only law-abiding citizens adhere to laws, yet, those are the very people the progressive socialist left wants to disarm, rendering them subjects, no longer citizens able to defend themselves.

My recommendation to these tyrannical leftist elected officials is to stop telling those of us who are law-abiding legal firearms owners what is best. If you have not gone through this process, then chances are you are regurgitating talking points, and yes, you are evidencing your ignorance.

Gary Martin should have never been in possession of a firearm. So, instead of blaming the weapon, who will be truly held responsible for this failure, that led to the deaths of five Americans? Yes, I own multiple firearms, and the Second Amendment grants me that unalienable right to protect my life and that of my loved ones. Stop crowing about me. I and millions of other Americans are not the problem.

The problem lies with issues of mental illness, but it is mainly about those who should never be able to acquire firearms. We do not need these reactionary, political, ideological agenda-driven laws such as the “red flag.” There were plenty of opportunities to see the red flag with Gary Martin.

President Trump said it best, “America will never be a socialist country!” Ya know why? Because y’all ain’t gonna ever disarm We the People!