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Security Clearances a Constitutional Right?

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First of all, let me just express how great the Alaska cruise was, and convey my sincere appreciation to everyone that I met on the cruise, and in Alaska. I also want to say thanks to Brent Bozell and the Media Research Center for the opportunity to be a part of this event. This was truly a fantastic break, and getaway, into America’s last great frontier. So, as we headed back south towards Victoria, British Columbia, I decided to check in on the news to see what was happening.

A few weeks back, I wrote a missive about security clearances, a privilege, not a right. As many of you know, and commented, once you leave a position requiring the possession of a clearance, it is usually revoked. The reason being, you no longer have a “need to know.” As I was watching the news — including, yes, CNN and MSNBC, because sometimes ya gotta know what the other side is thinking (if they are capable of thinking) — I got a glimpse of some serious foolishness. It appears that the left is in full apoplectic meltdown number 2,178 over John Brennan getting his security clearance revoked. One of the most absurd things I heard was that President Trump’s decision is a violation of Brennan’s First Amendment right to free speech. Huh? Since when did a security clearance have anything to do with free speech? Another leftist commentator stated that revoking Brennan’s clearance could adversely affect his ability to earn a living . . . What?

However, the most disconcerting assertion, and confirmation of stupidity, came from Sen. Blumenthal . . . yes, the fella who lied about serving in Vietnam. He said that Brennan’s constitutional rights have been violated, in that he has a right to have a security clearance. And, yes, I do concur that individuals such as Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Lisa Paige, Susan Rice, Bruce Ohr, and others should not retain any security clearances. First of all, their questionable integrity is cause for them to not retain any security clearance. And, this truly sheds light on a greater issue, why has anyone been allowed to keep a security clearance when they no longer meet the “need to know” criteria?

The left has once again lost its mind over a no-brainer, even going so far as to castigate President Trump as a dictator. Well, dictators imprison their opposition, they don’t merely revoke security clearances. As a matter of fact, why was Paul Manafort placed into solitary confinement?

But, what really proves the left has lost their minds is this. We have a leftist, progressive, socialist, judge in New Mexico, who released five individuals running an Islamic jihadist camp, training malnourished young kids to attack schools. First, where is David Hogg? Second, why is the left not ranting about this? I mean, this judge released these five individuals on a signature bond? Knowing what was found at this squalid compound where the body of a little 3 or 4-year-old boy was found?

Doggone, I was hoping that while I was gone to Alaska, the left would have found some common sense . . . nah. They are going nuts over an MSNBC contributor who no longer gets to have a security clearance. Yet, they are saying nothing about an activist judge who released adults who were abusing children, training children to commit acts of terrorism, and are responsible for the death of a child. Yep, I am coming back home, and nothing has changed . . . the leftists are still stuck on stupid. Don’t get me started on Bernie Sanders calling America “immoral,” and Gov. Cuomo saying that America was never great. Jeepers, where does one find these chuckleheads?

I can attest to one thing: idiots like this could not survive in Alaska.