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‘. . . Shall Not Be Infringed’

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As y’all know, I am a sitting Board Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA). I am also a Senior Fellow with the Media Research Center (MRC), the nation’s preeminent media bias watchdog.

Now, for those of you who know the Constitution, the title of this missive should be easily known and understood. It is taken from our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Now, it is not too often that there is an intersection between my position with the NRA and the MRC, but I have found one.

As reported by MRC Newsbusters:

“New York’s State Senate is considering a bill that will allow the government to investigate a citizen’s social media and search engine history before the sale of a handgun. 

The bill, proposed by Democrat Kevin Parker, would allow police to reject applications to purchase pistols or even revoke current gun licenses based upon the presence of “biased language” in a person’s social media. If this bill passes, people can be denied access to firearms because they typed politically-incorrect statuses, messages, or searches. The bill is reportedly designed to prevent shootings like the Tree of Life attack. Adams stated that with the current laws on the books, “someone can technically say on their social media profile, ‘I’m going to buy a gun to go shoot someone’ and still walk in the store and buy the gun without the flagging and announcement of that illegal action being dealt.

”Using a citizen’s 1st Amendment rights to infringe on his 2nd Amendment rights is a real win-win for leftists. Who would it work against? TownHall’s Chris Reeves cited the relevant excerpt of the bill (emphasis his): 

In order to ascertain whether any social media account or search engine history of an applicant presents any good cause for the denial of a license, the investigating officer shall . . . review an applicant’s social media accounts for the previous three years and search engine history for the previous year and investigate an applicant’s posts or searches related to (I) commonly known profane slurs or biased language used to describe the race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation of a person; (II) threatening the health or safety of another person; (III) an act of terrorism; or (IV) any other issue deemed necessary by the investigating officer.”

As former Obama Chief-of-Staff and current Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel, stated, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” What I find so blatantly hypocritical, is that this was not proposed after a known Bernie Sanders supporting, progressive socialist leftist, drove from Illinois, a place with highly restrictive gun control laws, to Washington DC . . . and proceeded to fire upon GOP legislators, almost killing Rep. Steve Scalise. There were no calls to examine leftist social media commentary.

Here is what should disturb you all: the left is now attempting to use censorship as a means to deny your Second Amendment right. Yes, they are seeking to deny First Amendment rights as part of denying Second Amendment rights.

Just who are these people who will be “trolling” our social media feeds? You mean to tell me that if this legislation were to pass, a person, a legal law-abiding citizen, would have to wait for a three-year examination of their social media before being allowed to legally purchase a firearm? This is beyond George Orwell’s 1984 and “Big Brother.” BATF Form 4473 lists all the felony offenses that would preclude anyone from being able to purchase a firearm. If there is one consistent aspect of these shootings it is mental illness. When are we going to have courageous legislators that take on that issue?

Remember the movie “Minority Report” and the Division of Pre-Crime? This seems very similar. So, someone will be tasked with assessing and examining my social media? Okay, here is an example: I enjoy sharing pictures on social media of going to the gun range. I also refer to progressive socialists as “chuckleheads,” and use Lenin’s characterization of “useful idiots.” Could that be perceived as “biased language?” Something tells me that New York Democrat State Senator Kevin Parker will be relying on the social media language analysts at Facebook, or the über-leftist Google for these reports. If that’s the case, what happens? (That’s a rhetorical question, folks.)

I must hand it to the left, they never give up, but this is the most egregious and nefarious attempt at denying law-abiding citizens their Second Amendment rights, via censoring their First Amendment rights.

Ya know what’s hilarious? How everyone said you could not do this to Islamic jihadists . . . ya know, troll their social media pages. We allow groups like the Islamic State to have an online presence, talk about profane slurs and biased language . . . heck, they were showing executions on social media. What was the response from progressive socialists like State Senator Kevin Parker? It was racist, Islamophobic, xenophobic, to single out Islamists on social media. Heck, we ended vital surveillance programs because groups like CAIR, and other Islamist front groups complained about violations of their “civil” rights.

Yet, we have a New York State Senator, Kevin Parker, promoting violating the first two individual rights of Americans. How did we get to this point, a point in our history that is, well, FUBAR?

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