Photo of a European street in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot about UK, Germany, France entering into trade with Iran

Sleep With Dogs, Wake Up With Fleas

In Foreign Policy, Front Page, National Security, World News by Allen West

It is my understanding that three of our European allies, France, Germany, and the UK, seek to establish trade relations with the country that is the number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism, Iran. How many citizens of these respective countries have lost their lives due to the funding of terrorism by Iran?

As well, are we to believe that France, Germany, and the UK are indirectly aligning themselves with a country, Iran, who supports a maniacal socialist dictator who is murdering, imprisoning, and torturing his own people, Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela? I recommend that our allies take a moment and ask themselves what exactly their fundamental values are when it comes to human rights? I would hope that our European allies, France, Germany, and the UK rectify this apparent confusion.

Just this week, I spoke to Liz McDonald about the disturbing band of bad actors currently throwing support behind this Latin American dictator. Let us pray our allies see the light.