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Socialism: Hail to Victors vs. Hail to Victims

In Economics by Allen West

How funny to have had the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, make the absurd assertion that the free market is not working. Really, dude?

Yes, he is talking about big tech regulation. How funny, unleashing government on his competition. If he keeps this up, he may earn chucklehead status, just like Congresswoman-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the avowed socialist. Speaking of the Congresswoman from New York City, how interesting that we have a soon to be Member of Congress that does not even know the basics about American Civics. It seems that the young vocal Marxist is not clear about our three branches of government. According to Ms. Ocasio-Cortez we have three chambers of Capitol Hill, which she corrected to say, three chambers of government: presidency, house, and senate.

Oh boy, a socialist mind is a terrible thing to waste. Did I tell you she has a degree in Economics from Boston University? Oh yeah, just for those who also missed out on Civics, we have three branches of government — the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. This concept was derived from the writings of French political philosopher, Charles Montesquieu, in his book The Spirit of the Laws. Of course, the US Constitution was written by one James Madison, who went under the pseudonym “Publius” in writing the Federalist Papers, a justification to gain support for constitution ratification.

Something tells me that the soon to be sworn in, not inaugurated, Congresswoman-Elect probably does not know this, nor has she any interest in reading our Constitution.

And that is because socialism sucks.

It’s not like we really need evidence, but since socialists seem to need it, I shall share with you the real reason socialism sucks.  As reported by the Guardian:

“A US navy hospital ship moored off Colombia has started giving free medical care to Venezuelan refugees, in a move likely to rile officials in Caracas who deny the existence of a humanitarian crisis in their own country – and have long been suspicious of the close relationship between Colombia and the US. 

As well as treating Colombians, US medical teams aboard the USNS Comfort will attend to Venezuelan refugees, particularly at the ship’s next stop in Riohacha, a city near the border between the two countries. 

Some 3 million Venezuelans have fled political turmoil and economic hardship at home, including 1 million who have taken shelter in Colombia, which has struggled to deal with the exodus. 

Venezuela has been seized by a worsening health crisis amid a dire shortage of drugs, vaccines and sanitary products and outbreaks of infectious diseases. 

Last year authorities recorded 406,000 cases of malaria – a disease which Venezuela had come close to eradicating in the 1980s – an increase of 69% from 2016. Measles is also on the rise, and both diseases have spread across the border, worrying Colombian health officials. 

The USNS Comfort, which is on a three-month mission that has taken in Ecuador and Peru and will end next month in Honduras, arrived at Colombia’s north-western port city of Turbo on Wednesday. 

Patients in Turbo and Riohacha, where the ship will dock next week, will receive medical assistance from the crew of more than 900 doctors, nurses, military technicians and volunteers, with installations aboard the 272-metre-long vessel as well as on shore. “

Interestingly enough, socialists like Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, think that socialized healthcare is just fine. After all, socialists believe that economic production should be nationalized, in other words, brought under government control. There were so many socialists who applauded Hugo Chavez when he took control in Venezuela. However, you don’t hear them saying much now. The reason is because socialism sucks.

Hugo Chavez led what was possibly the most prosperous country in Latin America and, along with his successor Nicolas Maduro, have driven it into the ground. When you have a nation where people are eating from garbage cans, that sucks. And if socialism was such fun, then why have millions of Venezuelans fled their own country? Kinda like we don’t see many flotillas leaving South Florida for Cuba, now do we? The simple reason is: socialism sucks. It sounds really good, getting stuff for free, like health care. Folks tell you that health care is a right and that they are going to provide it to you. Yeah, sure, and then you need the USNS Comfort.

If socialized medicine is sooo great, then why is there a health crisis in Venezuela? Why are there shortages of drugs, vaccines, and sanitary products? I mean things in Venezuela are becoming abjectly medieval. What’s next, the plague? Malaria? Ya gotta be kidding me, a nationwide malaria epidemic. C’mon, that is not supposed to happen in socialist paradise, right?


It happens because socialism sucks. Socialism only sounds good on college and university campuses espoused by poorly groomed, tenured professors . . . who probably have issues finding their way out of open-ended paper bags. Socialism only sounds good to those who refuse to think deeply, those who do not know what our three branches of government are.

A month ago, or so, we wrote a piece about the National Health System (NHS) in the United Kingdom, where you are placed on a waiting list for a tonsillectomy. Why? Because socialism sucks. Now, the astute American socialists will tell you that these people are failing because they do not know how to implement real socialism. Seriously, is there is a higher level of misery than eating out of a garbage can and watching your baby die because a government bureaucrat decided so? Read about Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans. Why did those two little baby boys have to die? You got it: it’s because socialism sucks.

So, here is a rhetorical question, and I will be reading the comments section to see your responses. Why do we have people in America who would vote for folks who advocate something that sucks? How much anecdotal evidence do we need in order to convince the “useful idiots” and mindless lemmings that socialism sucks?

Why am I making this case, this argument right now? It’s simple: this is Thanksgiving week, and I do not want to live, or have my daughters, or grandchildren live, in an America that is socialist . . . because it sucks. I want my subsequent generations to enjoy the freedoms and liberties I have had the honor to defend. I never want my grandkids unable to access simple medications or be exposed to malaria. Now, do not tell me it cannot happen. I’m quite sure there are some Grandparents who believed the same in Venezuela.

I do not care how cool, or how nice someone’s image is, if they are advocating for socialism, well, that sucks.

Let me close with this idea. This is Rivalry Week in college football. One of the big games this weekend is Michigan vs. Ohio State. We all know that Michigan is a pretty far leftist campus, well, most campuses are. However, what would the liberal progressive football fans of Michigan think if every time they scored, a group up in the press box would redistribute points to the Ohio State Buckeyes? At some point in the game would Jim Harbaugh calculate scoring as little as possible to avoid being punished by having points taken away? Yep, that is socialism, a group of other people determining what to do with the product of others’ labor, their production. Both Michigan and Ohio State fans will be cheering for a victory. Matter of fact, Michigan’s fight song is “Hail to the Victors.”

Socialism sucks because no one gets to individually sing “Hail to the Victors.” Everyone is forced to murmur, “Hail to the Victims.”

Socialism sucks, so why do folks keep advocating for, voting for, and supporting it. What hospital ship will one day be off of our coast?

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Photo credit: Charles Edward Miller