A screenshot of Nancy Pelosi tearing up her copy of President Trump's SOTU speech.

SOTU: Nancy’s Public Display of Disdain for America

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Let’s get right to the point here: President Trump just won reelection this evening.

If there is one prevailing theme from this evening’s State of the Union Address, it is that the Democrat (socialist) Party openly disdains the United States of America.

Right now, I am listening to the SOTU response by the Governor of Michigan. I do not think she was watching the speech. All she did was regurgitate the same ol’ tired “we need victims” rhetoric. She actually mentioned Pennsylvania’s Governor, the same person who vetoed the school choice legislation. In case you did not see, President Trump presented Jamiyah Davis, a 4th grader from Philadelphia, an opportunity scholarship recipient.

Let's get right to the point here: @POTUS #realDonaldTrump just won reelection this evening. #SOTU #SOTU2020 #Election2020 #2020election Click To Tweet

All through the address, we watched the faces of the left: stoic, angry, disrespectful, as story after story after story addressed American success.

Yes, their hatred of one person, President Trump, has resulted in their disdain of our America.

I do not think anyone will forget the incessant, disparaging, and denigrating actions of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And to watch Pelosi, on air, in full view, ripping up the speech of the President and throwing onto the table. That means Pelosi ripped up the mentioning of recently promoted US Air Force BG Charles McGee, a 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman who flew in three different combat zones, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Pelosi ripped up the mentioning of the true Venezuelan President, Juan Gaido. Pelosi ripped up the story of the little girl who was born premature who is now a thriving little two-year-old. She ripped up the mention of the story about the man, an American, who was killed by a criminal illegal immigrant. She ripped up the words that created a moment where there was not a dry eye in our country: the reuniting of an American Soldier with his family.

Yes, the left's hatred of one person,@POTUS @realDonaldTrump, has resulted in their disdain of our America. #SOTU #SOTU2020 Click To Tweet

Pelosi ripped up the words that articulated the incredible economic news that has all Americans in the best employment position in our history. Pelosi ripped up the words that cheered on blacks, Hispanics, veterans, women, the disabled, and high school grads who are finding great opportunities in our America.

What we saw were leftists who could not even support the killing of terrorists, and terrorist leaders. Pelosi ripped up the speech that paid tribute to a young American woman, Kayla Mueller, who was abducted, tortured, and murdered by ISIS. We should not forget that Obama went and played golf after acknowledging the beheading of an American journalist by ISIS.

Pelosi ripped up the speech that contained the words, “The only victories that matter are victories that deliver for the American people.” In essence, Pelosi and her ilk do not care about victories for the American people . . . just their ideological agenda victories. These leftists displayed their disdain for Americans when they refused to stand in support of our Second Amendment constitutional right . . . they want subjects. Even when President Trump mentioned banning late-term murder of unborn babies, they sat . . . and Pelosi ripped those words. President Trump asserted that sanctuary in the United States is for law-abiding American citizens, not criminal illegal immigrants. Pelosi ripped those words.

This evening, President Trump did not get penalized for excessive celebration. The only celebration was for the triumph, the victories, of the American people.

Of course, the left will do everything to justify the disrespect and denigration of President Trump this evening, but the bottom line is this: Nancy Pelosi ripped up the words that celebrated the American people. There is no excuse for this open, public display of disdain for America.

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