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The Stakes are Higher

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Greetings, everyone, from Cayman Brac. One would think that in this little piece of earthly paradise, the ugliness and slime of Washington, DC, would not reach here. Yesterday I was asked the seminal question: does Kavanaugh survive this? My response was yes, he can, and will. Of course, it is going to take a Herculean effort to withstand the fiery darts of the evil ones. Yes, I said it, the evil, progressive, socialist, left who will, no debate, go to any ungodly lengths to maintain their control, their power.

On Sunday, I got an email from a friend who is certainly left of center, and it’s always good to hear the other side. Her email reflected her abject giddiness in that there was a second accuser, a Ms. Ramirez, who came forward against Judge Brett Kavanaugh from his days at Yale University. As well, my friend was ecstatic to tell me that the creepy porn star lawyer, Michael Avenatti, stated he had evidence that Brett Kavanaugh, and his high school classmate, were involved in a rape”train;” a ring in the DC/Maryland area. Oh boy, I asked her to email me these articles, which broke on Sunday, just like the allegations of Dr. Ford were brought forth on a Sunday. Hmmm.

I read the entire article about Ms. Ramirez’s accusations. It appears that hers are, wait for it, 35 years old, at least one year better than Dr. Ford’s. Her allegations also stem from an alleged drunken college dormitory party, of which, Ms. Ramirez says, she attended, and became overly intoxicated. I could go on, but the accusations are quite salacious, dealing with male genitalia being thrust into her face as she was in a drunken state on the floor. Her allegation is that she heard someone say “Brett Kavanaugh,” and therefore she surmised that it was he that conducted the lewd, and lascivious, act.

Upon reading the article sent to me, I emailed my friend back, and asked her the all important question: why were all these allegations not brought forward during the nomination proceedings for circuit court judge when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated? Her response was very telling of the progressive socialist mentality. She stated, “no one cares about a circuit court judge position. The stakes are higher with the Supreme Court.” Ahhh. So, I followed up and asked, “so, this is not about the alleged sexual abuse? It is politically driven, motivated, to stop Brett Kavanaugh from becoming a Supreme Court justice?” Her response was, “of course it is.” I had also made the same assertion as to why, the day after Roy Moore’s defeat in the Alabama US Senate Special Election, we heard nothing more about sexual allegations against him. Her response was consistent, there was no need to bring that up against Roy Moore any longer, as no one cared, nationally, about an Alabama Supreme Court Justice . . . but the left did care about the very same person running for US Senate from Alabama.

It would appear that the left’s mindset is “by any means necessary,” they must prevent Judge Brett Kavanaugh from being seated on the Supreme Court. Why does the left see this as “the stakes are higher?” It’s simple, really. In order to implement, and mandate, their ideological agenda, the left must control three things: the media, academia, and the courts.

It is an insufferable thought that the US Supreme Court would be majority conservative, and, even worse to have two nominees being seated from the avowed enemy of the progressive, socialist left, President Donald Trump. Donald Trump could have nominated Mickey Mouse, ol’ Steamboat Willie, to the Supreme Court, and somehow the left would have gotten Minnie Mouse to come forward with decades old allegations that he had sexually assaulted her.

We’re still getting all of this 35 and 36 year old jazz from the left, yet the allegations that are less than a year old with evidence against Keith Ellison go unheeded. Why? Are the stakes not high enough for the left to condemn one of their own? A sitting Congressman, second in command at the DNC, and running for Attorney General in Minnesota?

Look, I believe that the allegations, and accusations of women, should be taken seriously. However, when they are surrounded by the utter air of unethical, politically motivated smears, then I say take a step back. Brett Kavanaugh has undergone six FBI background checks, and no one, I mean nobody, has ever made mention of such accusations. Now, I am down here in the Caymans, and perhaps someone has come forward to corroborate these allegations, but I have yet to hear of them. I totally discount the grandstanding of that seedy lawyer, Avenatti.

When will we have a law established that makes these type of allegations, and accusations, against someone for political purposes criminally punishable, if false? I mean, Harry Reid should be doing some time for his Senate floor lies about Mitt Romney’s tax returns. If we do not get this under control, the progressive, socialist, left will repeatedly use this hammer.

It is obvious that, for the left, when the stakes are higher, they will certainly go lower.

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