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Statement on the James Younger Case

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 [UPDATE: After this story went to press, Judge Kim Cooks granted joint medical custody to the parents, however, placed a gag order on Mr. Younger requiring him to shut down the website mentioned in this piece.] 


By now you have all surely heard about the case of James Younger, the 7-year-old child being “transitioned” to a girl by his mother. This case is evidence that Texas is being Californicated. The absurdity of subjecting a 7-year-old boy to chemical castration is unconscionable and is nothing less than child abuse by a delusional and deranged mother who should not have any custody of her son.

Instead, a Texas court is imposing its ideological insanity upon the dad, Jeff Younger. Gender dysphoria is a mental condition and a damaging aspect of the progressive socialist leftist agenda. It is time elected officials in conservative states step up and take a stand against this leftist cancer.

Via LifesiteNews:

As the country watches in horror a Texas father’s legal battle to prevent his ex-wife from “transitioning” their seven-year-old son into a faux girl, a growing chorus of Americans is demanding state and federal leaders intervene to save James Younger.

“On Monday, a Dallas jury ruled 11-1 against father Jeffrey Younger in his fight against his ex-wife, Dr. Anna Georgulas, who wants to subject young James to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones as well as legally force his father to treat him as a girl. Mr. Younger contends that all of this is being pursued against his son’s will.

The case has sparked intense national outrage even as the mainstream press largely ignores it, with experts warning that not only is affirming a child’s gender confusion psychologically unhealthy in the long run, but exposure to sex-change hormones carries serious physical risks including infertility, impairment of adult sex function, and reduced life expectancy.

As of the time of this writing, a petition calling on Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott and state lawmakers to intervene has received more than 211,000 signatures. LifeSiteNews has also launched its own petition calling to support James and his father, which will be delivered to the governor and Jeffrey Younger. LifeSite’s petition has collected more than 26,000 signatures so far.”

The left wants to murder our unborn and chemically alter those that are born. Utterly disgusting and despicable, borderline demonic.

[EDITOR’S NOTE: To learn more about this case see Jeff Younger’s site, Save James, and also, sign the petition noted in the LiveSiteNews article above. On social media, the trending hashtags for this case are #SaveJamesYounger and #ProtectamesYounger.]

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