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Howdy, y’all!

Welcome to another edition of our end of week recognition of the “Walking Brain Dead” which we have come to call “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.”

This week, if you understand the title of this missive, you know to whom I refer. Yes, our honored recipient of this week’s “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” praise is none other than New Jersey’s junior US Senator, Cory “Spartacus” Booker. It seems ol’ Sparky really distinguished himself during this week’s CNN identity politics townhall.

As reported by Townhall:

“Presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) pointed to violence committed by “right-wing extremist groups” when he was asked about the Pulse nightclub shooting that was carried out by an ISIS supporter. Booker was participating in CNN’s “Equality Town Hall” when he was asked by Brandon Wolf, a survivor of the attack, on what he would do as president to “ensure that law enforcement is equipped to treat marginalized victims of crime with dignity and respect.”

“So first of all, very clearly, it is a national emergency, the majority of the terrorist attacks in this country since 9/11 had been right-wing extremist groups, the majority of them had been white supremacist and hate groups, and I will elevate as president of the United States an office on hate crimes and white supremacy to make sure it is a presidential level effort to protect our country as a whole,” Booker said.”

First of all, let’s be honest: anyone thinking that Cory Booker is running for president is also stuck on stupid. Spartacus is part of the crew running for attention, and possibly a shot at being a VP nominee. Remember, the progressive socialist left is all about identity politics, so they have to calculate all kinds of thresholds in order to garner enough support. The worst thing for Booker is that the three front-runners for the Democrat (socialist) Party are all from the Northeast, and Booker has nothing to offer . . . other than trying to secure the black electorate.

But what makes Booker’s response so utterly disgusting is that he had a pre-scripted answer in his mind, and evidenced no mental agility, or competence, to be able to answer the question. As well, we pointed out earlier this week that the real collusion between progressive socialists and Islamo-fascists. The left will never condemn Islamic jihadism, terrorists, regardless of whom they assail, and that includes a gay nightclub.

Why couldn’t Booker address the issue of the Islamic disdain for the gay community? We should not try to fool ourselves: while the progressive socialists get upset with Christians for not baking a cake, Islamic jihadists are executing gays and lesbians in the most savage, barbaric, and brutal ways.

Just recently, Bob Frank O’Rourke — a previous “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recipient — stated that churches that do not embrace same-sex marriage should have their tax-exempt status revoked. Yep, no concern about that whole “freedom of religion thing.” Nope, if your faith belief is not aligned with the ideological agenda of the left, well, it is not a freedom, certainly not a right.

Y’all remember the former openly gay Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, who subpoenaed the sermons of Christian pastors who were speaking out against her bathroom decree? Yes, see, those pastors were minority ministers, but regardless of your race or ethnicity, when up against the ideological agenda of the left, you don’t matter.

So, lesson learned for the gay community, based upon Cory Booker’s response: leftists do not care if Islamic jihadists gun you down. They are not going to discuss it, nor protect you from them. They do not see them as a threat, not to you, or to me. What they do see as a threat is anyone that does not surrender to their agenda, hence the reason our “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recipient blathered on about right-wing extremist groups. Do not laugh, we have been there before, when Nidal Hasan gunned down 13 US soldiers and civilians, and wounded another 31, Barack Hussein Obama classified that Islamic terrorist attack as “workplace violence.”

I would presume that Spartacus Booker would use the same terminology to describe the Islamic jihadist attack at The Pulse nightclub. But, ask yourselves — even the question that was posed to Booker seems rather disingenuous to me — why ask Senator Booker, “what he would do as president to “ensure that law enforcement is equipped to treat marginalized victims of crime with dignity and respect?” Even the question posed was a dismissal of who actually enacted the cold-blooded killing, a mass shooting, by an Islamic jihadist. Kinda like what happened in San Bernadino at the hands of Syed Farouk and his wife Tashfeen Malik, who was illegally allowed to enter the United States of America.

Lesson learned, folks, from our “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recipient, US Senator Cory Booker, the progressive socialist left’s ideological agenda is more important to them than anything else. They could not care less if you are murdered by criminal illegal immigrants or Islamic jihadists. Their attention will always default to their political opposition, law-abiding American citizens who believe in our Constitution and possess fundamental principles and values that run contrary to the left’s goals.

Islamic terrorists shall never be named by the left, but Constitutional Conservatives are “extremists.” This is why Booker and his ilk are not just stuck on stupid, they represent a clear and present danger to our liberties and freedom.

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