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The Stuck on Stupid Things People Do

In #SOSS, Culture, Front Page by Allen West

Howdy, y’all, from the Eastern Hills of Garland, Texas!

I finally got a quiet day lined up to watch some college football. Yes, my alma mater, the Tennessee Volunteers are facing my birth state Georgia Bulldogs. I anticipate drinking lots of Maalox to settle my stomach. But, I do enjoy college football season, even when it is a great pain for me to watch.

Yes, today is our well-known “Stuck on Stupid Saturday,” and I have some interesting reflections that I wanted to share. I call this the stuck on stupid things people do.

As y’all know I travel a lot and I enjoy people watching as I traverse about. With all that is going on, let’s take a break from all the serious stupidity going on, like this whole Ukraine impeachment folly. Can you believe Rashida Tlaib was talking about using the US Marshals’ Office to arrest President Trump?

So, let’s have some fun and relax as I share a couple of observations that cause me to go, “hmmmm.”

I spend a good amount of time driving around in Texas, often on the interstate highways, mainly I-35 and I-45. There is one thing that unnerves me beyond all get out. There are signs that stay, “Left Lane for Passing Only.” It is as if folks cannot read. I always put my vehicle on cruise control once I get outside of urban centers, and just roll along. It also keeps you from getting in trouble with Texas Highway Patrol. But there is nothing worse than moving over into the left lane to pass vehicles, and maintain your cruise speed, and there they are, that person doing a stuck on stupid thing. It is not that they are just in the left lane, they are driving beneath the speed limit, and even as they see you coming upon them, they remain in the left lane. Then, instead of realizing they should move over, their stupid arrogance kicks in and they refuse, forcing you to shift lanes.

You may say this seems trivial, but, y’all know what I am talking about. Tell me you have not expressed frustration over this. Now, tell me, what other stuck on stupid things have you seen people do on the interstate? Oh yeah, there are those times when folks are traveling in the left lane, passing lane, slow as heck, and when you do pass them, you see them texting.

Probably the craziest thing I have seen on the interstate was a woman doing her makeup . . . while going 70 mph.

Now, the other stuck on stupid thing people do happens when I am flying on Southwest Airlines. We all remember the original cattle call system SWA had when they started out. I must admit, their open seating, boarding position system is pretty easy to understand, well, for some. Due to the frequency of my travel with SWA I am A-List priority so I normally get a really good boarding position, and preferred seating. As I sit there, well, you know what happens. There is always that one person who asks the dubious question, “can you tell me where seat A 60 is?” How many times had someone said “at Southwest Airlines we have an open seating policy.” I can count at least five times outside during line up, and several more as people are boarding.

What stuck on stupid things have you seen in your travels? And be nice, this is not about attacking the TSA agents. Ya know, they try to do their best and they are good honest folks. Although, when I see long lines at a TSA checkpoint in DFW airport, they only have one lane open, and eight TSA agents standing around, I do get a little perturbed. What is up with the person who keeps telling us over and over again about what to take out? Why not just post a sign? Oops, forgot, the stuck on stupid things people do, like show up with food and water bottles.

I love America, but there are times when I am in the airport that it concerns me that some people actually vote.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little break from the serious stuff to have some fun reflection. In this uber toxic political environment, we all need to take a chill pill sometimes. I look forward to reading your favorite stuck on stupid things people do . . . and you cannot say vote for progressive socialists. We already know that is stuck on stupid.

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