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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

In #SOSS, Economics, Education, Front Page by Allen West

Okay, in full disclosure, I was once a high school teacher in South Florida. The title to this missive is not directed to all teachers, but a certain group of teachers who have won our dubious and distinct recognition for “Stuck on Stupid Saturday.”

Folks, this is not gonna take very long, but it should leave y’all with a lasting impression of what happens when teachers do dumb stuff. Just yesterday we shared with you the Islamic indoctrination teachers seminar being led by an Islamo-fascist. And now we have something even more egregious, ludicrous — just plain stupid — from some American teachers.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune:

“The recent trip to Venezuela by a group calling itself a Chicago Teachers Union delegation has upset some union members and expats who question the point of the tour and take issue with the group’s praise of the country’s disputed government. The four travelers, who crowdfunded the July trip under the banner of the CTU, met with Venezuelan government officials and educators, visited a commune and were featured in local media. They wrote online about wanting to connect with Venezuelan teachers, students and unionists, criticized U.S. economic sanctions against the South American nation and wrote admiringly of its socialism, its communes and high literacy rates.

But critics say the group glossed over Venezuela’s ongoing political and economic crises and were excessively complimentary of President Nicolás Maduro, whose administration has been accused in recent United Nations reports of “grave” human rights violations and violence against dissenters. “I am appalled a delegation representing themselves as CTU went to Venezuela, not to support striking teachers, not to object to human rights violations, but to go on what appears to be a state-chaperoned propaganda tour,” said Karen Moody, a teacher and union member.

And though the four travelers regularly called themselves a “CTU delegation” online, the union representing close to 25,000 people has sought to distance itself from the trip, stating the CTU did not endorse, sponsor or fund the trip. Asked on WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight” last week about “some controversy” surrounding the excursion, union President Jesse Sharkey said: “Members go all kinds of places in the summer. This was neither an official trip nor something that was funded by the union. This is a group of people who are members of the CTU who decided to go to Venezuela.” Yet, the official CTU Twitter account retweeted some of the group’s updates, including a blog post titled “Introduction to CTU Delegation to Venezuela.”

Hmm, “stuck on stupid” teachers like this are why we have a freshman member of Congress with a BS degree in economics from Boston University that came up with some socialist nonsense called the Green New Deal. I think we may wanna rename the CTU as the Communist Teachers Union. After all, the infamous author of “Rules for Radicals,” Saul Alinsky, is a Chicago native.

What level of brain-dead function does one have to have to travel to Venezuela and claim it is all just hunky-dory? Yep, never mind those starving people who are dying due to lack of medical supplies and are searching for drinking water in sewers, being gunned down by the armed government thugs of Maduro, run down my military vehicles when protesting their condition, or kids eating from the trash. Things are great in Venezuela.

These teachers visited a “commune,” root word for communism, communist, no thanks. We the People, in America, love our freedom and liberty. What you should find disconcerting is that these four individuals are indicative of thousands who are teaching indoctrinating our children and grandchildren.

Thus, is it any wonder that we have American kids saying that they want socialism? Once again, I stress, this is why a position on school board is the most important elected position in our nation.

This is the progressive socialist left, and there is no doubt that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar would have pulled the same stunt going over to Israel. They also would have come back with their propaganda trying to tell us that the “Palestinian” Islamic jihadists are just “freedom fighters” standing up to the oppression of an occupying nation.

This stupidity — fully embraced and enabled by the progressive socialist left — is the reason why the Democrat (socialist) Party will be defeated next year, in November of 2020. Heck, these four chuckleheads should have taken a summer trip to Southside Chicago and asked themselves, whose policies brought about the despair that is replicated in most inner cities in America?

There are always many candidates for our “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition, but these four Chicago “useful idiots” take the prize. Then again, anyone allowing their children to be indoctrinated by them is just as stupid.

Like the Drill Sergeants used to say, “ya can’t fix stupid, you can only try to keep it from spreading.”

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