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Super Tuesday: An Early Assessment

In Elections, Front Page by Allen West

It’s Super Tuesday where almost one-third of states in our Republic are holding presidential primary contests. This is a critical dividing point and will clearly establish the front-runner for the Democrat (Socialist) Party. Four years ago it was on this day that Donald Trump set a course to become the Republican presidential nominee. Who will it be for the left?

Yes, I said the left, because the base of the Democrat Party is left. But over the weekend, we saw a course change in the Democrat contest. Joe Biden had to win in South Carolina, and win he did, and there is one clear factor, the Black electorate. When South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn came out and endorsed Biden, it was all over. That — combined with the incredible, and disturbing, comments of Bernie Sanders praising socialist dictators — sealed the deal for Biden in the Palmetto State. However, the story is not just about what happened in South Carolina, but what happened afterward, and rather quickly.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Senator Amy Klobuchar both exited the race, and gave their support and endorsement to Joe Biden. As well, Tom Steyer, another leftist billionaire, dropped out of the race. I guess the whole slave reparations thing did not work. There is a consolidation behind Biden now, and there is a sense that he can pull out more victories across the south, because of the Black vote.

Here in Texas, ol’ Bob Frank O’Rourke has come out to support Joe Biden. It appears that O’Rourke is looking to grab onto someone’s coattails, and maybe become a VP running mate?

We shared with you the story behind an article in Politico where the Texas Democrat party expressed concern about a Bernie Sanders being top of the ticket here in the Lone Star State. If Biden were to win Texas, you can bet that O’Rourke will pitch himself as his young running mate, perhaps a peace-offering to the progressive socialist left. And the hope is that the energy that hit Texas in 2018 could be recreated, and breathe life into a truly boring, gaffe-filled campaign.

However, will that be enough to keep the Black vote engaged? Maybe Biden would consider a Stacy Abrams out of Georgia?

.@POTUS @realDonaldTrump has a superb record with his policies in the American Black community. A Biden presidency means a return to the failed policies of Barack Obama. #SuperTuesday #vote #voting #primary #election2020 Click To Tweet

But, there is one problem: President Trump has a superb record with his policies in the American Black community. A Biden presidency means a return to the failed policies of Barack Obama.

Bernie Sanders does not sweep Super Tuesday. Joe Biden’s campaign has been resuscitated. Elizabeth Warren and Michael Bloomberg are irrelevant, and Bloomberg’s Super Tuesday $700M gamble has failed . . . just like with Rudy Guiliani. This race is between Bernie and Biden, the avowed socialist and the status quo career politician . . .  both wealthy millionaires. The Democrat establishment got a lifeline in South Carolina, and have been able to tip the scale in their favor. The question looms heavily, will the “Bernie bros” support anyone other than their beloved old socialist?

All of this is dependent upon the regard and respect shown to Bernie Sanders going forward after today. Yes, the Democrats just want to beat Trump. It is all emotion, nothing about policies that will improve American citizens’ quality of life. If Biden were to pick O’Rourke as his running mate, well, there are plenty of soundbites that do not portray him in a positive light.

Tonight is going to be interesting as the results pour in, but tomorrow will be even more interesting as the levers of power and influence engage.

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