Photo of a statue of Abraham Lincoln on the campus of Syracuse University in an article by Allen West on the Old School Patriot.

Syracuse University v. US Constitution

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Tuesday morning I had a radio interview with Chris Salcedo. He asked me a very pointed question about how we got to the point where socialism is finding a home in these United States of America. The answer is simple: academia. We no longer have a true system of education, but rather a system of indoctrination.

We have come to a point where a former US vice-president and senator, would go before a crowd in a foreign nation and refer to our country as an “embarrassment.” Then again, his former boss, Barack Obama, found comfort to deride his own country before foreign crowds.

This is what is being “taught” in our institutions of higher education. They are using their platforms to propagandize and create the next generation of “useful idiots” — not my words, but the words of Vladimir Lenin. When you consider the failed homework project called the “Green New Deal” from an Economics major who graduated cum laude from Boston University, Lenin’s description is quite appropriate.

Have y’all ever thought about another group of useful idiots, those folks who are part of, or support, Antifa? Ponder this: here is a group, well, a domestic terrorist organization, that says they are against fascists, and fascism. In searching out the definition of fascism there were some common themes, it is a political philosophy. It is authoritarian. It centers on a dictator. It is about regimenting society and economic means. And, it is about the suppression of opposing thought and criticism. In other words, fascism is totalitarianism, disregarding individual rights.

How interesting that these college students and adults, who are part of Antifa scream about hating fascists, just they deny the rights of others to speak, by using violence. On our college and university campuses, this totalitarianism has become institutionalized — trust me, I have experienced these little social justice warrior chuckleheads. They make me laugh.

Well, here is the latest, and this does not make me laugh, it angers me.

As reported by Campus Reform:

“Syracuse University denied an application for Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO), stating, as one of its reasons for doing so, that requiring students to believe in the U.S. Constitution is “exclusionary to international students.” 

The Syracuse Office of Student Activities denied YAF’s application, in part because members must support the “Sharon Statement,” which is a statement of support for the U.S. Constitution.

Syracuse took issue with the Sharon Statement, alleging that adhering to it violates the college’s policy of non-discrimination. “The Board considers the ‘Sharon Statement’ to be contradictory to Article XI Statement of Non-Discrimination,” Syracuse’s RSO Review Board stated in its rejection email to the group, according to documents obtained by Campus Reform.

“Additionally, requiring students to agree in the superiority of the U.S. Constitution is exclusionary to international students and other individuals.” 

Additionally, Syracuse’s RSO Review Board took issue with the fact that Young Americans for Freedom is associated with its parent organization, Young America’s Foundation, which the board claims has “extensive control” over the former organization.

Young America’s Foundation has a “pattern” of promoting discourse through “inflammatory” means, according to the Board.”

I have spoken for Young America’s Foundation on several occasions at college and university campuses. If you recall the exchange between me and a Northwestern University student you will see that I was hardly the “inflammatory” one. Heck, at St. Louis University, the little cupcake children staged a disrespectful “walk-out” just as I stood up to begin making remarks about our war against militant Islamic jihadism. Now, who are the fascists?

Let me understand this: students who believe in and support our rule of law, the US Constitution are “discriminating” against international students? So, therefore, by default, am I to understand that each and every person who takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States is committing an act of discrimination against international students? Oh boy, that’s a whole lot of discrimination. I just have to ask the rhetorical question: if an American student was studying abroad and there was a campus group seeking to form around the support of the host nation’s constitution, would they be “discriminating” against the visiting American students?

Dang it folks, Syracuse University is taking issue with the “Sharon Statement,” an affirmation of support for our rule of law . . . ya know our Bill of Rights and structure of our Republic. Since when did we surrender the support of our Constitution to the emotions of visiting international students? The answer is simple: it occurs and will continue to occur because these American college campuses and universities are virulently anti-American. This is why someone like a doggone Joe Biden can go before an international crowd at the Munich Security Conference and assert that America is an embarrassment, and have the international audience cheer. Why not? On our college and university campuses, this is what is being indoctrinated and appreciated by these international students.

Hmm, if our Constitution is not inclusive, then why do people risk everything to come here, to America? Click To Tweet

Hmm, if our Constitution is not inclusive, then why do people risk everything to come here, to America? Please, my dear misguided progressive socialist lemmings, explain to me why no one is risking their lives to go to Venezuela, Cuba, or Nicaragua . . . or for that matter, North Korea?

I want our visiting international students to know that we do, indeed, have pride in being Americans. I want them to know that we do, indeed, support that impeccable document called the US Constitution. I would like to ask these confused and delusional individuals at Syracuse University who made this decision? What do you support? What is so wrong about supporting individual freedoms, liberties, and protections? Is it that y’all do not support the 13-15th Amendments? Or maybe you do not like that whole thing about women’s suffrage? Should we not have the Fourth Amendment, and just live in a police state controlled by a bureaucratic deep state? I already know you only support acceptable speech, not free speech, you leftists despise the freedom of religion . . . well, just for Christians. There is no need to explain your disgust with the Second Amendment, we get it, you want us disarmed.

I think we should all be making calls to Syracuse University and ask them if they are taking this fascist stance against students who support our Constitution. Then ask what is it that they support. I gotta tell ya, if I were President of the United States, every single bit of US taxpayer funds that go to Syracuse University would be cut off. I mean, if they believe support for the Constitution is “non-inclusive” and “discriminatory,” then why would they want funds and resources from such a federal government, established and based upon the Constitution?

You wanna know why socialism is being accepted in our nation? Syracuse University just gave you an explanation as to why. They are not alone, they were just dumb enough to share their ignorance, their utter disdain for our Constitution, our Rule of Law. This is being repeated all over our country, and our Young American’s for Freedom are so very courageous. We need to support them . . . or else there will be future generations who do not support our Constitution.

Yep, this is truly FUBAR! And if you agree, let the President of Syracuse University know . . . especially if you are an alumnus.