Photo of the POW/MIA flag in an article by Allen West

A Tale of Two Flags

In Culture, Front Page, Military by Allen West

Yesterday, we brought to you the story of California Governor Gavin Newsom and his plan for free healthcare for illegal immigrants. The left places the “rights” of those here in our country illegally over those of American citizens . . . and over those who have sacrificed on freedom’s rampart: our veterans.

Then, today, this came through my inbox, courtesy of NBC Washington:

For the first time ever, a rainbow pride flag flew outside a Maryland county’s executive office building, but the flag it replaced had people raising objections.

Montgomery County Council member Evan Glass, the council’s first LGBTQ member, helped celebrate the raising of the pride flag Monday morning at Veterans Memorial Plaza in Rockville.

But Vietnam veteran John “Bill” Williams said he’s upset the flag that honored soldiers still missing was taken down.

“When I was in Vietnam, I was there six days before two guys were missing in action, and they still haven’t found their bodies,” Williams said.

The POW/MIA flag was replaced by the LGBTQ pride flag for the month of June, pride month.

“I wasn’t happy about it at all because the park is supposed to be a veterans park,” Williams said. “People died. Now they took it down and put another flag up.”

This story angered me because, once again, the left shows how little they care for veterans. Now, as some sort of “consolation prize,” they are working out a “compromise” so both flags can fly together . . . Are you kidding me?

What will it take for this country to truly evidence its care and concern for those who have sacrificed  — and some sacrificed all — so that we may enjoy the benefits of freedom?

This doesn’t sit right with me, folks. No, not at all . . .

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