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A Tale of Two Protests: The True Racism of the Progressive Socialist Left

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Dickens’ book is the backdrop for today’s missive. If there is one thing to look for, it’s the comparative optic, hypocrisy. And, you can always count on the progressive, socialist, left to provide plenty of examples.

Since December of 2014, I’ve lived in Dallas, TX, and I enjoy being back in the Lone Star State — home of my last Army duty assignment, Ft. Hood. Yes, I do miss being able to go out on a Saturday morning for a nice two-tank dive, wreck and a reef, and get a Five Guys burger. However, that has been replaced with a  motorcycle ride down to Glen Rose, TX to Loco Coyote for some BBQ!

So, I guess that could be a “tale of two Saturdays,” both are great, it just depends on your perspective. Just as we have two very different perspectives on high school student protests that I would like to present.

As reported by the NY Times: 

“The first time that students at Miami Northwestern Senior High School walked out of classes to protest the shooting death of a sophomore named Kimson Lee Green, administrators urged them to stay on campus. The administrators did not disagree with the student’s cause or want more class time. It was just that going off school grounds was too dangerous. While the students wanted the freedom to protest gun violence, like other high schoolers in the fledgling national youth movement, the realities of their gang-plagued neighborhood kept getting in the way. But they were insistent.  

Forty miles north and a world away, students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland had two weeks earlier organized a national march against school violence. Their protest drew celebrities, politicians and hundreds of thousands of people, including several Northwestern High students who traveled to Washington in solidarity. Yet when the Northwestern students walked out in their neighborhood of Liberty City, they did not even have the support of their entire community — and not just because it was risky. The debate over guns and bloodshed is old and fraught in this part of town, and bringing youngsters into it, some community leaders said, felt wrong.  Young people in inner cities across the country, from Baltimore to Chicago to Los Angeles, have taken inspiration from the Parkland students to say that they, too, are tired of seeing their friends in coffins. Yet Liberty City, because of its proximity to Parkland, provides the most stark example of the disparate challenges for activists.”

Well, you would have to be utterly stuck on stupid to not know exactly how the title of this missive was developed.

Why is it that the rich, white kids of Parkland, FL, at Stoneman Douglas HS, get all the exposure, entertainment and media elite support, and a wide-ranging platform — including a Time magazine cover? What makes them more important than the almost genocidal murder rates happening in inner-city black neighborhoods? Simple, it is the historical racism of the progressive, socialist, left: the Democrat party. We have never seen a march organized for inner-city black youths who live under the horrible specter of gang violence. And, guess what — blinding flash of the obvious — these cities are not run by Republicans.

These are the same areas that often have the most restrictive gun control measures imparted against innocent, law-abiding citizens. This is why the National Rifle Association, the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, teamed with, and supported a Chicago black man, Army veteran, Otis McDonald, in his challenge to that city’s draconian gun control laws. Why? He just wanted to be safe in his home from gang-bangers.

Who was it that fought for freed slaves to have their Second Amendment rights when the Democrat party established the Ku Klux Klan to threaten, intimidate, and, yes, kill blacks? Click To Tweet

What is happening in Liberty City, Miami?

The 56-acre Liberty Square project, opened in 1937 as part of the New Deal, is a maze of dilapidated, faintly pastel-colored buildings on a treeless landscape of parched grass. Locals know it as the Pork and Beans. It is also the setting for “Moonlight,” the movie about a young black man growing up in Miami that won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2017. 

In 2015, a 15-year-old freshman named Johnny Lubin Jr. was shot to death walking home from school. He was the fourth Northwestern High student killed that year. (Three of the homicides remain unsolved.) This year’s graduation ceremony, as in years past, will include a memorial tribute to this year’s “Fallen Bulls.” Mr. Green, 17, and Rickey Dixon, 18, a former student, were killed on the afternoon of April 8 in a shooting that left two other young men critically injured. Mr. Green, an only child nicknamed Suge, attended Saturday classes to get ahead and was about to be inducted into the National Honor Society. With his death, his classmates decided they had had enough. To reach the lawn where the young men were gunned down, students had to cross into gang territory where some knew they would be unwelcome.”

Why doesn’t the left care about these black kids who must be afraid in their own neighborhoods? Where is the radical leftist group funded by George Soros called — in true leftist oxymoronic fashion — Black Lives Matter?

Why is it that we have all these Planned Parenthood clinics located in urban neighborhoods, okay, black communities? Why would anyone support an organization founded by a white supremacist and a racist in the black community?

It’s time we say what the needs to be said: white, liberal, progressive, socialist, elitists do not care about what happens to blacks. After all, that’s the history of the Democrat party — which we have shared in a Prager University video narrated by Carol Swain, who is running for Mayor of Nashville, TN. We are expected to be all sad for the kids at Stoneman Douglas HS, who have been used and manipulated for the left’s anti-gun ideological agenda. And we know that the fault for what happened in Parkland rests with the Broward Sheriff’s Office and the Broward School Board.

Please, take a few minutes to watch these three videos, just three minutes total:

Freedom’s Safest Place: My Rights

Freedom’s Safest Place: I Didn’t Listen

Freedom’s Safest Place: South Side

Now, tell me, who is trying to make a difference in the black community? The white, liberal, progressive, elites, or the NRA? Who was it that fought for freed slaves to have their Second Amendment rights when the Democrat party established the Ku Klux Klan to threaten, intimidate, and, yes, kill blacks? So, why is it that these white, progressive, socialists, like a Michael Bloomberg, seek to destroy the NRA, along with Hollywood elites? Why are they not making videos, and leading an effort to ensure Blacks in these urban environments can safeguard themselves?

This is the tale of two protests, and the comparative analysis tells you all that you need to know about the Democrat party, the liberal, progressive, left. They prefer blacks to be victims, not victors, and will do anything within their power to advance that insidious notion. There were no beautiful stages and entertainers. There was no 24/7 national news coverage. There will be no Time magazine covers. Why? Because the real face of racism is not President Donald Trump, ya know Black unemployment is at a historical low. The real face of racism is, and always has been, the white face of the Democrat party. And even their oxymoronic “Great Society” programs only represent the soft bigotry of low expectations, and the lure of the dependency society.

Once they used chains to enslave, now the progressive socialists of the Democrat party use economic dependency to populate the 21st century plantation, where they harvest votes, not cotton. And, if generations upon generations of young Black children are murdered — nearly 17M by abortion, or gunned down — the left cares little.

The optics cannot be dismissed, denied, or refuted . . . the perception is reality. The rich, white kids protest and get attention. The Black kids continue to be shot and murdered by unlawful gangs, and the liberal progressive media doesn’t blink . . .