Photo of the ISIS flag spray painted on a cargo container in an article on the Islamic State by LTC Allen West on the Old School Patriot.

The Global Response to Terror

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If there is one thing that has caused great confusion, it is the lack of a global strategic vision in how to best confront global Islamic jihad.

First of all, we have what can only be termed as weak elected officials who have failed to classify this engagement as it is, a war against Islamic jihadism, or Islamism. We have gone too far down the path of referring to this as a “War on Terror.” Terror is a tactic used to further a strategic objective. No nation can fight a tactic, as well, we have not seen this as a global strategic conflagration. Instead, we pick and choose certain Islamic terrorist groups and play the insidious game of whack-a-mole. And now we are chasing our tails on a recurring issue in this current global confrontation.

As reported by The Hill:

“France on Monday said it will ignore a request from the Trump administration to repatriate hundreds of Islamic State (ISIS) militants captured fighting alongside Syrian-born fighters and other foreign militants in Syria and Iraq. 

The country’s justice minister told a local French television station on Monday that the French government is “at this stage . . . not responding to [Trump’s[ demands,” according to Reuters. 

“There is a new geopolitical context, with the U.S. withdrawal. For the time being, we are not changing our policy,” justice minister Nicole Belloubet added.

France began this year to repatriate captured ISIS fighters and their wives, Reuters reports, after U.S. pressure increased following the fall of most ISIS-held territory in Iraq and Syria. Hundreds of French-born fighters captured in Syria and Iraq remain in legal limbo as their fates await deciding by several countries’ governments. As many as 150 French citizens including at least 50 adults are being held by the U.S.-allied Syrian Democratic Forces in the northeastern part of the country, according to the news service.

The French government will begin repatriating some French citizens captured in war-torn Syria and Iraq on a “case by case” basis, Belloubet added according to Reuters.”

Herein lies the issue: we have failed to recognize this as a global confrontation and appropriately declared a state of war against Islamic jihadism. Since we have failed to define the enemy, and develop the correct rules of engagement, we, therefore, fail to comprehend how to adjudicate these individuals.

Let us begin with this understanding: these Islamic jihadists are properly classified as “unlawful enemy combatants.” They are non-state, non-uniformed illegal belligerents who pose a threat to civilian populations. Now, if these were citizens of a respective country who were conducting terrorist acts within their own country, then yes, there are laws and rights to due process by which they are to be prosecuted. But, we must globally establish a simple fact: anyone departing their country of citizenship to enjoin with an Islamic jihadist organization has therefore abdicated their rights of citizenship from their country of citizenship, origin.

We must stop seeing this as some grand law enforcement action. These captured individuals are not on the same level as Prisoners of War (POWs) because they are non-state actors, belligerents. I wrote last week about the insidious decision of President Obama to release those five senior Taliban leaders who are now part of a negotiation delegation. Those leaders of a savage, brutal, Islamic terrorist group, the Taliban, should have been kept in detainment for as long as there is a global Islamic jihad movement. They should be kept off the battlefield, but, of course, they were not. This is the purpose of GITMO, and these individuals are not entitled to their “day in court.”

These captured ISIS fighters should not be repatriated to their home country for trial. If anything, we do not want them entering into our prison systems and furthering the cause of jihad and indoctrinating other prisoners . . . or worse.

Think about the UK Islamic jihadist hate preacher Anjem Choudary who was released from prison, and has not evidenced any remorse about his statements and support for Islamic terrorism, jihadism. If the Europeans display the same lack of resolve, well, it will be just a few short years before these captured ISIS fighters will be right back on the streets . . . and probably give them, just as Canada awarded the killer of an American Special Operations Sergeant, financial restitution.

These captured foreign jihadist fighters should be shipped to GITMO, they can get three MREs and six bottles of water a day. Some should be sentenced to execution under violation of Human Rights and Geneva Convention violations . . . no different from what happened to Nazis and Imperialist Japanese military leaders.

It is time we defined and dealt with this issue no with sympathy, emotion, and appeasement. We, as free people, must grasp that there is a global Islamic jihadist movement. It is a threat to the principles and values of western civilization. This enemy moves amidst us and if they are citizens and violate our respective laws, then we can adjudicate as our rule of law states. However, non-state, non-uniformed belligerents captured on distant battlefields have surrendered their rights and should be dealt with as dictated by the Geneva Convention . . . and agreed upon by signatory nations.

But, we cannot get to a point of dispensation until we get to a clear understanding, and definition, that we are fighting not against individual groups . . . but against a global Islamic jihadist movement. Understand that they have one goal, to topple our nations, and kill us . . . we are given only three choices: convert, subjugate, or death.

None of those choices are acceptable!