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The Blue Leaving the Blue

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We all know that folks are fleeing California and heading to greener pastures, and one of those fertile lands is the Lone Star State of Texas. We welcome folks to Texas, but we also wanna make sure they respect and honor that which has made Texas, well, Texas. Texas is all about rugged individualism, a swagger that results in making victors, not victims. But, sadly, for some odd reason, the insidious failing message of progressive socialism, collective subjugation to the central determination of outcomes, has infected the Lone Star State.

But, I remain steadfast and loyal, and greatly hopeful, that there will be a restoration of the Texas spirit. We will see the radicalism of the left soundly defeated here in Texas, and I wanna share one reason why. We have been sharing stories about folks moving into Texas, here is another one.

As reported by Law Officer:

“Retired California cops are fleeing the Golden State in droves. I know, because I am one of them. Upon retirement my wife and I sold our home, packed the U-haul, loaded the dogs and moved to Texas. Our daughter and her family had previously relocated, so that motivated us. But ongoing state politics made the decision easy. Moreover, I personally know dozens of others who have done likewise. My retired law enforcement peers have primarily relocated to Texas, Idaho, Montana, and Arizona.

The biggest issues for leaving California continue to be degradation in the quality of life and over-burdensome taxes. Does this sound similar, New Yorkers? I’ve heard much the same from your end of the country.

The quality of life issues are experienced firsthand by police officers. Dealing with rampant drug use, unabated crime, and diseases spread through mass homelessness is sickening. Furthermore, local and state policies that reduce or eliminate consequences have created a system that profits criminal activity and promotes laziness by getting attached to the public trough.

Sadly, we left behind two sons who’ve since married and are trying to make their way. As a result, we frequently visit California. While I miss lifelong friends and family, not to mention our appreciation of the year-round fabulous weather, I do not miss the “junk” created by failed policies and deceptive laws, which favor the criminal element.

I recently met a friend who is a retired California law enforcement officer for lunch at a trendy location near my home. She and her retired DEA husband recently moved from the Bay Area to Texas.

“Did you find a place to park,” I asked, due to the crowded area in which we met.

“Are you kidding,” she replied. “The no-cost parking structure was clean. I didn’t need to step over a homeless person or get accosted by an aggressive panhandler. And the elevator didn’t smell like p*ss and sh** . . . Yeah, no problem; easiest public parking I’ve seen in years.”

Since moving to Texas I have heard hundreds of horror stories from California cops fighting against a state system that is unexplainably favorable to abhorrent behavior; to the degree that middle-class Californians are fed up and seeking a better quality of life elsewhere.

Our first three years in Texas were spent in a rural part of Collin County—about an hour north of Dallas. “What do you like about it, Dad,” my youngest son asked during a phone conversation.

I held my cellphone up toward the sky and inquired, “Can you hear that?”

“Hear what?” he replied.

“Exactly, you don’t hear a siren do you?” I said.

“I haven’t heard a siren in two years while living on this property. Moreover, I haven’t been aggressively approached by a vagrant . . .  and we don’t have graffiti.”

Well, I guess that says it all? But, what is amazing is that those same leftist policies that drove this retired law enforcement officer from California are taking root in places in Texas. Here in Dallas and Dallas County the former mayor and his corrupt city council so mismanaged the law enforcement and first responder pension programs that a bailout from the State of Texas was needed. As well, recruiting and the rolls of the Dallas Police Department are not the best. On top of that, new Dallas County DA, Jon Cruezot, has publicly declared that he will not prosecute criminal activity that results in property loss of $750 or less. Yep, a fella clocks you on the head and takes $500, they walk free, no prosecution.

I know the other retired law enforcement officer mentioned the state of the no cost parking structure. Good thing she was talking about Collin County, which has its own issues with the spread of leftist locusts, and not Austin, Texas, or even downtown Dallas. Even here in Texas, we are finding the failures of California homeless policies taking root in the Lone Star State. Many would offer that Austin Texas, capital of the state, resembles San Francisco more than a capital city of Texas . . . and I have been accosted by homeless vagrants downtown. It is starting to have an adverse effect on businesses.

Texas loves its law enforcement officers, well, real Texans do. Here in Texas, if an elected official disrespects a fallen law enforcement officer, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom did with slain Officer Ronil Singh, they will be publicly shamed. We here in Texas do not embrace innocent American women being gunned down by a five-time deported criminal illegal immigrant, as in the case with Kate Steinle. Here in Texas, we do not allow sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, placing our law enforcement officers in tough situations.

We “Back the Blue” here in Texas and those who do not risk drawing the ire of real Texans. So, all y’all come on down to Texas, and leave a note on your door, just as the saying used to be back in the 1820s and 1830s: “GTT;” or “Gone to Texas.”

All you good conservatives from all over the country, tell those progressive socialists, just as Davy Crockett did, “May you all go to hell, I am going to Texas.”

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