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The Left Determines Which Lives ‘Matter’

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What is more important to the progressive socialist? Case in point, does the left still believe, after the horrific murder of Mollie Tibbetts, that we should “Abolish ICE?” Do they still support designating areas under their leftist control as sanctuary states and cities, refusing to coordinate with Immigration officials to ensure criminal illegal immigrants are not surveying our streets — being predators upon Americans, like Mollie. Mollie is permanently separated from her family. Are illegal immigrant families more important than American?

The left needs to be challenged, confronted, and forced to admit that they prefer open borders where criminal elements like MS-13 can flow into our country. They have no issue with drug cartels flooding our streets with their poison, killing more and more of our children. We need to make the left say to us that they regard, honor, embrace their ideological agenda far more than they do our very lives. When far leftist groups name themselves “Black Lives Matter,” then why are they not marching, protesting, and demanding better from Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and his lack of action in his own sanctuary city? Simple: it is because they truly do not give a damn about Black lives, just those lives they can leverage for their absurd ideological agenda.

These delusional leftists are going about the country toppling confederate monuments and memorials, proclaiming their angst against white supremacy, and racism. Yet, these same hypocrites adore, and fight to protect, an organization founded by a white supremacist, a racist, one who spoke at Ku Klux Klan rallies, and referred to Blacks as undesirables and weeds. A woman who tried to manipulate Black pastors into supporting her diabolical genocidal vision and goals . . . which her organization, Planned Parenthood, has successfully carried out — with approximately 18M unborn black babies murdered in the womb. But, who freaking cares, right, my progressive socialist detractors? Your ideological agenda is far more important than anything, including the lives of innocent Americans . . . like those 18M black babies, or those murdered by criminal illegal immigrants, such as Kate Steinle, Jamiel Shaw II, Mollie Tibbetts, Joshua Wilkerson, Nisa Mickens, Kayla Cuevas.

I will never forget when Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson was testifying before the House committee. He was asked a simple question about Kate Steinle. His response was, “who?”

And we have another case where the ideological agenda of the left far outweighs the lives of innocents. As reported by Townhall:

“Yet again, Colorado’s progressive pro-abortion laws are standing in the way of justice. Last week, 33-year-old Chris Watts of Frederick, Colorado was arrested for the murders of his pregnant wife and two young daughters. Shanann Watts, 34, along with daughters 3-year-old Celeste and 4-year-old Bella, had been reported missing by a family friend last Monday when Shanann failed to show up for a doctor’s appointment. On Tuesday, Chris had told news crews that his family mysteriously vanished from their three-story suburban home, and begged for their safe return. But on Wednesday, the investigation took a different direction when law enforcement officers arrested Watts for the murders of his wife and children. Shanann Watts’ body was found in a shallow grave located in a field on Anadarko Petroleum Company property, where Chris was employed. The bodies of Bella and Celeste were discovered inside crude oil tanks nearby. Watts was fired by Anadarko on Wednesday.”

What is most important to the progressive socialist left in this case?

“The strange case has garnered national attention for both its twists and turns, and the gruesome nature of the crimes. It is also drawing the state of Colorado back into a contentious debate over the state’s lack of fetal homicide laws. Colorado is one of only 12 states without such a law on the books, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Liberal critics of fetal homicide laws contend that such measures have the potential to restrict abortion rights. In 2015, [Colorado] Senate Bill 28 would have made the killing of a fetus a homicide under certain circumstances. The bill’s language stated that, “For the purposes of homicide and assault offenses, ‘person’ means ‘a human being and includes an unborn child at every stage of gestation from conception until live birth.” But Planned Parenthood claimed the bill was “dangerous for Colorado women.” Cathy Alderman, who at that time was Vice President of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood Votes Colorado, stated that, “We are concerned that any law creating fetal ‘personhood’ will impact access to abortion services in Colorado, as well as open a door to allowing prosecution of pregnant women.” Though Colorado Republicans supported the legislation, Democrats did not. SB 28 was ultimately defeated.”

I seem to remember some leftists — animal rights advocates — who sought to establish “personhood” for chimpanzees in the state of New York. Yet, according to this disciple of Margaret Sanger, Cathy Alderman, a human life inside the womb has no rights, and cannot be recognized as a human life because it would interfere with the progressive socialist agenda of murdering unborn babies. Folks, that is not harsh, that is what it is, what they want, and what they do. And they want it all the way up into the ninth month — that’s infanticide.

I, for one, am sick and tired of the left determining which lives matter. The only thing that matters to them is their ideological agenda, and any American losing their life due to an issue leftists support is irrelevant, meaningless, and of no regard.

That, my friends, is utterly pathetic.