Screenshot of the scene of a school shooting in Colorado in May, 2019, in an article by Allen West for the Old School Patriot.

Thoughts on the Colorado STEM School Shooting

In Front Page, Second Amendment by Allen West

Okay, here’s an interesting thought: we now know that the two shooters in the STEM school shooting in Colorado broke into a gun safe in a home to illegally gain access to the firearms they used. So the law-abiding legal firearms owners did everything right.

We also know that one of the assailants was a sixteen-year-old girl suffering from gender dysphoria, transgenderism.

Imagine the outcry, the utter uproar, if someone were to suggest banning transgender people from possessing firearms. That’s an illogical assertion, just as it is illogical for progressive socialists to call for gun control immediately after this incident, not knowing all of the facts.

This is a teachable moment for the stuck on stupid. Address the individual who committed the crime, not an insidious ideological agenda to disarm law-abiding legal gun owners.

Molon Labe!