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The Tired Line of White Privilege

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I am just tired of all the identity politics, and reverse racist dialogue resounding across America. Now, of course saying this will make me public enemy Number One to the race-baiters out there. Well, so be it.

My dad, Buck West, who was born in Ozark, AL, in 1920, and served our nation in a segregated Army in World War II, refused to teach me the language of victimization. Dad taught me never to see my skin color as a negative, or believe it was somehow a detractor from achieving whatever goals, dreams, and aspirations I set for myself. He challenged me to always know what the standard was, and blow past it . . . to fight to prevent anyone from denying me the equality of opportunities America affords.

So when someone who I know, Beau Davidson, sent me this video, and the link to a story about being publicly assailed, and humiliated, it angered me.

As reported by the Western Journal:

“On the laundry list of faults belonging to the far left, identity politics might be chief among them. That’s saying quite a bit. 

The deranged proliferation of identity politics found itself in the media again last week during an absolutely unhinged segment of the syndicated TV show “Daily Blast Live.”

The Sept. 12 edition of “Daily Blast Live” focused a part of its show on the controversy surrounding tennis star Serena Williams and her U.S. Open snafu with an umpire. 

The segment on the show, dubbed “Are We Living In A New P.C. World?” quickly took a bizarre turn when one of the hosts berated another for not having enough melanin. 

Co-host Al Jackson, who is black, began discussing the cartoon shortly before letting loose on co-host Beau Davidson, who is white. 

“Racism is depending on who’s privileged and who isn’t,” Jackson said. “The person that wrote (the headline calling the world politically correct) I’m assuming is a white male.” 

Well, we all know what they say about people who assume, but Jackson goes further into his identity politics.

“A white male can never understand what marginalized people feel and think, and absolutely cannot tell them what to think and feel,” he said.

Last I checked, anyone can be marginalized, regardless of skin tone. But Jackson’s lunacy quickly took a turn for the worst as he began to directly address Davidson. Strangely enough, Jackson began to call Davidson unqualified for his position as co-host because he only has 1,000 Instagram followers.

“You have 1,000 Instagram followers. I have 30,000. I have a masters in bio-medical sciences. I have over 200 TV appearances,” Jackson said.

Self-aggrandizing aside, Jackson got to the crux of his identity politics in a rather blatant manner. “You are the living embodiment of white privilege,” Jackson said.

“You have no business on this panel with us. But you’re here because of your privilege. I have hundreds of black people, brown people, in my phone that are more qualified, have done more in their career to deserve to be in that seat. But you sit there. Because of your white privilege.”

Um, what? That is literally insane. Someone is the “embodiment of white privilege” because he has fewer Instagram followers than you? That makes no sense and is even more reductive than identity politics already are.”

You can see the whole exchange below, in the video accompanying the article:

Can you imagine if a white person made the same assertions to a black person admitted to an Ivy League school based upon a lower standard? Or a minority individual accepted into a job position based upon a lower standard? What would happen if that individual were to be publicly humiliated?

I am ashamed of this Al Jackson person.  Of course nothing will happen to him, and he will somehow feel empowered by his actions, since there were no consequences. But, these types of behaviors are what continue to divide us. It is the reason why the racial divide in America has grown, immensely.

There is only one privilege in America: it’s being an American.