Photo of the outside of the Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, VA, in an article by Allen West.

‘Tolerance’ to a Liberal

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As we move closer to what will be a very contentious presidential election year, 2020, the progressive socialist left once again gives evidence as to exactly who they are. Tolerance to them means ideological subjugation, as their intolerance is ever on display. Most recently we had the personal and physical attacks by Antifa in Portland, Oregon.

Funny thing, I have yet to hear of Antifa antics in a place, state, or city, where citizens are allowed to arm themselves. As I have always stated, an armed individual is a citizen, and unarmed individual is a subject . . . and a target for the left. It appears that when constitutional conservatives are out exercising their First Amendment right to free speech, expression, and assembly the Antifa jackals strike if they perceive we are unable to defend ourselves.

Now you know why the Founding Fathers backed up the First Amendment with the Second.

But something also happened recently that should cause us concern. Y’all remember Stephanie Wilkinson? She is the owner of the Red Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, who, a year ago, kicked then White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders out of her eating establishment. Well, we have a little YouTube video that explains pretty much the crux of a Washington Post op-ed piece she wrote where she, first of all, seems to support a waiter spitting on Eric Trump in Chicago, and then goes on to tell us that perhaps some of us should just stay at home and eat.

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It appears that Ms. Wilkinson is firmly stating that ideological differences are reason to refuse service. Hmm, seems to me that a Christian baker named Jack Phillips had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to defend his first amendment religious freedom by not wanting to bake a cake for a same-sex marriage. He did not refuse service, he merely did not wish to not participate in the celebration of that which was against his faith and beliefs.

How interesting that the progressive socialist left went nuts over him, along with Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa, as they endured a harsh, punitive, financial decision, forcing them to end their business.

But, somehow, Ms. Wilkinson wants to lecture us on hate? She goes on the tell us that until there is a return to a “normal axis” — meaning leftist domination — actions such as hers are justified.

It appears that the progressive socialist left has now defined hate, pure and simple, as not being a progressive socialist. Dang it, I thought the progressive socialist left was all about choice, oops, that’s right, the choice to murder an unborn baby. But, your choice as to what political philosophy you support, well, that ain’t a choice, it is an egregious affront to the left.

It appears that the progressive socialist left has now defined hate -- pure and simple -- as not being a progressive socialist. Click To Tweet

Now, let’s not be too upset, after all, the history of the party of the jackass is all about refusing service to people they do not like in restaurants. Y’all know this is fact. Sure, the Democrat (socialist) Party tries to hide behind the passage of the Civil Rights Act, but remember, that passed due to the efforts of Senate Republicans, led by Everett Dirksen. The infamous Al Gore Sr. and Robert “Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard” Byrd, both Democrats, just like Herman Talmadge of Georgia, did not support that legislation.

And, we all must admit that Lyndon Baines Johnson’s intentions in the passing of those acts were not exactly noble.

So, here we are again, the Democrat (socialist) Party has another domestic terrorist gang going around coercing, intimidating, and beating the political opposition. Their original gang of thugs wore white sheets and pointy white hats. This new gang wears black and dons black masks. The colors may have changed, the intent is still the same, threats and violence in order to silence opposition.

The same cheeky folks brought us refusal of service and are right back doing the same. Hey, I’ve got a great idea folks: let’s hold sit-ins at these establishments like Red Hen Restaurant. It’s worked before. Let’s just go in there, wearing our conservative attire and proudly speak of our positions on the issues. If we are refused service, or asked to leave, we just sit there, peacefully. Would it be a nice optic for the Democrat (socialist) Party to once again have video of them demanding police drag non-violent, peaceful protesters from their establishments?

You know something, conservatives do not balk when a far left progressive socialist comes in to eat. We serve them, after all, that is what the free market is all about, exchange of goods and service for compensation. As Michael Jordan wisely stated, his Air Jordan shoes did not see Republican or Democrat, and he was not about to segregate a portion of the market.

Right now, the leftists are pummeling Joe Biden over race, now that is what I call a self-licking ice cream cone perspective. The Democrat (socialist) Party has always been the party of racists. Now they have embraced the moniker of fascists also. That is why Stephanie Wilkinson is very comfortable in taking a position of refusing service, that is — and always has been — a Democrat party tactic.

Telling people to eat at home? No, people who do not believe as she and her ilk do will not comply. That is called ideological discrimination and we are entering into a dangerous area.

Now, ask yourselves one simple question: do you really want these types of people in power, control, of our country? What next? A special bar code, or card only for “Party members” that allows access and privilege?

Don’t laugh . . . it has happened before.

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