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The ‘Tolerant’ Progressive Socialist Left

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Allen West Old School Patriot Up From SlaveryOkay, just to set the record straight, the title of this missive is oxymoronic in nature — emphasis on moron.

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that today’s leftists in America are anything but tolerant. Just ask the teenager at the Whataburger in San Antonio, who had his hat taken, and drink thrown in his face. Hmm, doesn’t that constitute an assault? Ahh, but according to the leftists over at CNN, the young man was deserving, since a “Make American Great Again” hat is now synonymous with Nazism, and all things that are actually more reflective of the progressive socialist left in America.

There is no longer any hope for civil intellectual discourse and debate in America. The left — as they have historically done — is resorting to threats, intimidation, coercion, censoring, banning, and even violence to further their ideological agenda. Well, I suppose that’s what you have to do, force people, when you cannot persuade them with facts, and conviction.


This evening, President Donald Trump will announce his second nominee for the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS), and the left is in a full-scale, epic, apoplectic, emotional, meltdown. “This will be the end of Roe v. Wade,” “it will be overturned,” are their rallying cries. President Trump, and those mean ol’ conservatives, will spell the end of a woman’s right to choose.

Funny, the left always seems to omit that which is being chosen: the murder of innocent unborn babies.

Yes, the left does not want their hard-fought dream of murder on demand, murder of babies as a means of birth control, and Margaret Sanger’s dream revisited. Why? Do they think that they cannot make the case? Do they think that after some 45 years, this very questionable decision should not again be fairly debated? Heck, I guess we should have stuck with that Dred Scott decision as well, one could argue it was precedent and should not be challenged.

Funny, the left always seems to omit that which is being chosen: the murder of innocent unborn babies. Click To Tweet

As a Black man in America, I do believe that the Roe v. Wade case should be re-litigated, and why not? I am not exactly happy that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest provider of the murder of unborn children was founded by a white supremacist, racist, a person who spoke a Ku Klux Klan rallies, and referred to blacks as undesirables and weeds. I am not happy that since Roe v. Wade there have been some 17M to 18M black babies who have been murdered in their mother’s womb. I hear folks rant about reparations for slavery, mainly leftists, but what about the mass genocide of black babies? Heck, I bet if you were to hit the streets of America and ask folks who Dr. Kermit Gosnell was, you would perhaps get 20% who knew — thanks leftist liberal progressive media for not covering that case.

Why is it that the left gets more upset with the exposure of Planned Parenthood selling the dismembered body parts of babies — yes that is what they do, did, and will continue to do — rather than the fact that is what they were doing? This is a residual effect from Roe v. Wade, and no, I do not consent to that, or the fact that $568.7M of taxpayer money goes to an organization that does such.

Okay, here comes the name calling and such, but one name that cannot be attributed to me is “unborn baby killer.”

I'm not happy that Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest provider of the murder of unborn children was founded by a white supremacist, racist, who spoke a Ku Klux Klan rallies, and referred to blacks as undesirables and weeds. Click To Tweet

So, I found this article very interesting, yet further evidence of the hatred, derangement, and ugliness of the intolerant left in America. As reported by the Daily Signal:

“Filming the new movie “Roe V. Wade” wasn’t easy, co-director Nick Loeb revealed in an interview Tuesday. Nick Loeb, who gained notoriety after fighting with ex-fiancée and “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara over frozen embryos, is co-directing a pro-life film set to hit theaters in January 2019, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  The filming hasn’t been particularly easy, however, with cast and crew facing expulsion from set locations and actors wavering on their roles after receiving backlash from friends and family. Loeb recalls that one woman approached him asking him who he was. “When I told her who I was, she told me to go f— myself,” Loeb told The Hollywood Reporter. “Then she threw her headset on the ground and walked off.” 

The pro-life feature film began shooting June 15 and major cast members as well as shooting locations have not been revealed in order to protect the cast and crew. Not all roles are hidden however, with conservatives Jon Voight and Robert Davi playing Supreme Court justices in the film. Loeb shared that shooting for the movie has been difficult, especially when filming locations changed their mind about hosting the film crew. Louisiana State University “rejected [us] due to our content, even though it will be a PG-rated film,” Loeb said. “They refused to put it in writing, but they told us on the phone it was due to content.” Tulane University allowed the film crew to shoot for one day only after learning about the pro-life nature of the upcoming movie. A New Orleans synagogue even kicked the crew out after they discovered the nature of the film. “Once they found out what the film was about, they locked us out. We had to call the police so that the extras and caterers could retrieve their possessions,” Loeb said. Casting posed it challenges as well, Loeb disclosed, noting that three local actors were replaced during filming because they backed out after pressure from friends.”


Something tells me that if there was a film being made about the life of Margaret Sanger, there would be no condemnations or threats. The film directors, producers, cast and crew would not have to be kept secret due to fears of threats, intimidation, protest, and violence. Who are these people, in what is supposed to be America, who believe that they have some inherent right to threaten anyone not embracing their ideological agenda? How can it be that in America, where the first unalienable right of the individual, and yes, after 18-days there is a heartbeat, is Life, that a film that takes a stance consistent with our Declaration of Independence is so threatening, and met with such vile vitriol?

I believe in women’s reproductive health, and that means I support research that ends cervical, uterine, ovarian cancers along with fibroid tumors, and breast cancer. I do not support this absurd assertion of women’s reproductive rights, which is nothing more than a license to murder unborn babies. Nor do I support this idea of late term abortion — murder — which to me is infanticide. Let’s be clear: it was Barack Obama who, as an Illinois state senator, supported legislation that any baby surviving an abortion procedure should be killed. That folks is demonic, yes, that is what I said and how I feel about infanticide — don’t you?

Language is vital, and we in the military abort a mission. What the left is fighting for with Roe v. Wade is simply killing, murdering, unborn babies. Now, I am a common sense fella, and I do support the right of any woman, my daughters especially, to choose what happens with their body, and the life within them in the cases of rape, incest, and threat to their own health and survival, substantiated. I will not, never shall condone and accept the wanton killing of unborn children as a means of birth control.

I am glad that the SCOTUS recently sent down a decision against the State of California forcing pro-life pregnancy centers to counsel and advertise for killing unborn babies. I know that decision has the left spooked, but, actually, it should not.

Yes, I do hope that this evening, President Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the SCOTUS. And yes, I do support the re-litigation of Roe v. Wade, as any humane person would, and especially Blacks in America should.

However, I am no longer amazed, or surprised, about anything I read when it comes to the intolerance of the progressive socialist left in America. If those on the left believe in killing, by dismembering or otherwise, innocent, vulnerable unborn babies, they have a right to believe that . . . and I have a right to not believe in it. In this Constitutional Republic, we have a right to openly, without intimidation, threat, and violence, debate that very issue.

Or, is that part of the fundamental transformation of America?