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The Disturbing Toronto Mass Murder Motive

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There are times when you think you’ve heard it all, then something happens that just blows your socks off. This week we learned of the gruesome mass murder in the beautiful Lake Ontario city of Toronto. The death toll was 10 with another 13 wounded…but the emotional scars will last for a lifetime.

Just a simple afternoon with people walking down a sidewalk, not a care in the world, then all of a sudden, life changed. Immediately, many of us, knowing the modus operandi, believed this to be an Islamic jihadist attack. It was the same MO that we’ve seen elsewhere, using a rental van or truck to run down innocent civilians.

We also know that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had welcomed fighters who had joined the Islamic State back to Canada. It appeared we all had this figured out, and we were just awaiting confirmation. None of us believed this was an elderly driver who lost control of their vehicle.

The now disclosed motive in this tragedy just has me scratching my head.

As reported by the National Post:

“The distressing scope of criminal allegations against Alek Minassian were revealed in a packed Toronto courtroom — 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder — as glimpses of the man and a possible motive emerged after a rental van mowed through pedestrians along Toronto’s Yonge Street.” 

“Just “minutes before” the van started its awful rampage along the sidewalks of one of Canada’s best known streets, deliberately striking pedestrians, Minassian posted a “cryptic message” on Facebook, said Toronto police Det.-Sgt. Graham Gibson. The message says: ‘Private (Recruit) Minassian Infantry 00010, wishing to speak to Sgt 4chan please. C23249161. The Incel Rebellion has already begun! We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!’”

As I read this, first of all I shook my head first being perplexed, then in utter amazement when I read the interpretation of Minassian’s Facebook post:

“Decoding the post suggests a spark for the deadly trek may have been frustration over an inability to attract female companionship. The majority of the victims struck by the van were women, adding to the potential importance of the post. Toronto police are investigating whether Minassian’s mental health or an interest in the incel movement are related to the van attack. At 25, Minassian, who lived with his parents and his brother in a detached two-storey home in suburban Richmond Hill, just north of Toronto, is variously described as a failed solider who dropped out of basic training, a socially awkward student in a special needs class in high school where he was known for acting like a cat, a long-standing college student, a computer whiz and app developer, video game enthusiast and a self-declared ‘incel.’”

I know, what the heck is an “incel?”

“It is his apparent embrace of the incel movement that helps decipher his odd Facebook post, which Facebook has confirmed as a legitimate post from Minassian’s account that has since been taken down by the company. An “incel” is a portmanteau of “involuntary celibate” and came into wide recognition in 2014 after Elliot Rodger, 22, killed six and injured 14 in Isla Vista, California, before killing himself. In a manifesto, he said he needed to punish women for rejecting him and sexually active men for their success where he failed. Within the incel subculture, which typically veers towards deep misogyny, “Chads” refer to the sexually successful men and “Stacys” to unattainable women.”

Alex Minassian killed 10 & wounded 13 because he was rejected by women? And what is worse, this is a movement that now claims two 'martyrs?' Click To Tweet

Involuntary celibate? Alex Minassian killed 10 and wounded 13 because he was rejected by women? And what is worse, this is a movement that now claims two “martyrs?”

“As news of Minassian’s connection spread, some self-professed incels embraced it as a call to arms. Some members of an incel-dedicated forum branded him “Saint Alek” and “St. Minassian.” Some suggested other ways to continue the attacks so the world of the sexually active would fear them. “It is a good time to be an incel. Our brothers are launching their counter-attack, getting their revenge. Thank you,” one post reads. “They should be scared, this is what happens when you deny so many men love and affection for their entire lives,” said another.”

I want to know, who the heck has allowed this “incel-dedicated forum” to exist? Here we have someone at Facebook declaring that Diamond and Silk are “unsafe to the community” but somehow a forum for folks who want to attack people who are sexually active is thriving? We should all know who these forum members are, and don’t tell me they are protected. If anything, this is an example of “hate speech.”

Launching their attacks . . . getting their revenge, these people are purposefully planning attacks against innocent women because they have been rejected? Jeepers, what guy has not been rebuffed by a woman? Hey guys, get over it, grow the heck up and stop with this misogynist hatred over your own insecurities.

Now, you can bet that once this gets out, these “incels” will become a protected class, victims. There will be a cover story in Time Magazine, perhaps they will be named “People of the Year.”

Bottom line, these are deranged, delusional, and hateful males, who are part of the culture of the participation trophy, believing that they are owed something . . . in this case, the affections of the opposite sex. Sadly I say this with satire, but someone like a Bernie Sanders may implement a government policy guaranteeing these “losers” a date.

Now, ask yourself this, what if Alex Minassian had used a firearm to shoot these innocent people? This is a mass killing. Would this fall into the line of thinking of the progressive socialist left to focus on the tool, not the motive? Minassian is mentally disturbed, but he used a rented van to enact his crime, his assault against these citizens of Toronto. Are we to believe that the rented van is an “assault weapon”? Absolutely not, what we should focus on is his mental instability and this “incel” movement that appears, to me, to be violent in nature.

This “incel” movement is a war on women, a real one, and this is why women should be able to protect themselves. However, when you have cowardly politicians, like Florida Governor Rick Scott, 18-20 year old women have been rendered victims, unable to defend themselves against another new threat they face. One that unfortunately has claimed lives of women in California and Toronto.

Let’s put aside any partisan tomfoolery and focus on this “incel” movement and neutralize it. Let’s all come together and report disconcerting behaviors, horribly so, this was done in the case of Nikolas Cruz, but dismissed by law enforcement. This is where our focus should be, not on disarming law-abiding legal gun owners. We need to bond together and realize, the attempt to mainstream the mentally ill has not worked.