Allen West Old School Patriot memorial day

The True Meaning of Memorial Day

In Culture, Front Page, Military by Allen West

Honor and remember this day, Memorial Day, as a moment in time to recognize why you live in this place called America. The words of our National Anthem ring so very true: we are the Land of the Free, because we are the Home of the Brave.

Today we humbly take the time out to honor the bravest, those who gave their all. But also, we must not forget the loved ones who will forever have that empty chair. The children who, sadly, will forever miss that dad or mom, who answered the call to arms, to serve, sacrifice, and commit to preserving our way of life.

As you enjoy this day, know that our men and women who serve don’t just take up their position on Freedom’s rampart one day out of the year. They serve as Watchmen on the Walls every day, ready to deploy, fight, and win at any moment. If we cannot just take one single day, 24 hours, to reflect upon their last full measure of devotion, we fail them. And, for those of us who remain, who have lost our Brothers and Sisters, we have a greater mission: to tell their story, and to ensure their loss was not in vain.

This is why we, the Old School Patriots, must remain Steadfast and Loyal, as they are watching us. Our fallen did not give of themselves — make the ultimate sacrifice — to see this great Nation become some progressive, socialist, cesspool. If we allow that to happen, we do not honor them . . . we dishonor their memory, their lives, and their sacrifice.