Photo of the first night of the second Democratic Presidential Debates in an article by Allen West

Unhappy and Unlikable People

In Democrats, Elections, Front Page by Allen West

This is not gonna take very long folks. I think y’all have already ascertained the meaning behind the title of this missive. I watched the Democrat (socialist) presidential debate last night, and there is only one major takeaway: these are unhappy, unlikable people.

Winston Churchill once described socialism as ” . . . the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.” Sir Winston also asserted, “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of Socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

What I witnessed last night, and probably will occur again tonight, were ten folks that were just angry. I saw no one trying to introduce a little humor or levity into the evening. Now, I am not talking about these candidates doing a stand-up routine, but the very strident manner in which many of them presented themselves was unnerving. Americans are working, their wages are improving, and we are not being subjected to videos and reports of the savage brutality of Islamic terrorists. But, to hear these individuals talk, all I heard was insidious ranting from miserable people.

Perhaps it is not possible to advocate for a progressive socialist ideological agenda with a sense of humor? Perhaps it is not exactly a policy of true happiness. After all, who really wants to be told they are not capable of determining their own purpose and path in life. In essence, you are mandating outcomes for people, kinda hard to present those beliefs with a smile on your face. Ya know, telling folks you are going to take away their healthcare insurance is not a laughing matter.

I already know that when it comes to principle, and philosophies of governance, I have nothing in common with these folks. But, at least, they could have presented themselves as likable, something that Barack Obama achieved, regardless of the folly of his policies and the utter lack of depth in his presentation. Ya know, “Hope and Change.”

As well, what I witnessed last evening were individuals who think the Paris Climate Accord and the Iran Nuclear Agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA) were good examples of foreign policy initiatives. There were very few of these candidates last night that I would trust to defend our Constitutional Republic. In fact, one, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, seems to want to change our Constitution.

Who would want to vote for the messengers of doom and gloom? I find it interesting that these folks really believe that a return to the preeminence of Islamic terrorism, economic malaise, and watching US sailors on their knees at gunpoint is a swell thing.

Yep, Ronald Reagan had it right when he asked the simple question, “are you better off than you were a few years ago?” The answer is yes, and the only ones who are not, are the same ones going around attacking and censoring people who choose their freedom, and right, to disagree with them.

Now, why would you vote for angry radicals, and that includes some of the moderate Democrat candidates, Ryan, Delaney, and the Governor of Montana?

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