A photo of border patrol agents in Texas, in an article by Allen West.

The Unspoken Danger at Our Border

In Foreign Policy, Front Page, Healthcare, Illegal immigration, National Security, US Constitution by Allen West

Greetings, everyone, from Lawton/Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, the home of the United States Field Artillery, and yes, now the Air Defense Artillery. It is here that I arrived at the end of October in 1983 to begin my 22-year career in the US Army. Today, my nephew serves here as a US Army Major, and Field Artilleryman, a Redleg.

I am here to speak at my former 2nd Infantry Division Commander, General Tommy Franks, Four Star Leadership Program over at his museum in little Hobart, Oklahoma, named after the 24th Vice President of these United States of America, Garret Hobart. Y’all know how I love history, especially our American history.

It is so awesome to be back here near the beautiful Wichita Mountains and see the next generation of Cannon Cockers and Duck Hunters all about Ft. Sill. When I see these young men and women in uniform, I know that we can walk tall and proud, as these true Americans are stepping up to be the Guardians of the Republic.

But, what unnerves me to no end is that when we consider those who wear uniforms to serve and protect our nation, military, and law enforcement, they deserve better in elected leadership than what we currently offer.

I will be heading back down to McAllen, Texas, next month to participate in a three-gun shooting event to honor our US Border Patrol agents. Just as I feel an immense sense of pride with these young soldiers, so I get that swell in my chest when I am around these men and women in OD green who, along with ICE agents, guard our borders.

Thus, recently, and continuously, I am furious over the demeaning and disparaging manner in which some elected officials — utter buffoons if I may stay, speak of these brave men and women. These worthless jerks who hide in Washington, DC, care little about the sanctity and sovereignty of our country and find it easy to denigrate those who are jumping into the Rio Grande to save those seeking to enter our country illegally.

For some reason, we did not hear about that from the four-girl “Suicide Squad,” truly a cast of delusional, deranged misfits. Okay, call me a “racist” for saying such!

Therefore, I want to share with you a danger our border patrol agents are facing . . . a faceless enemy that also threatens their families. Who will care about them? Ocasio-Cortez? Omar? Tlaib? Pressley? Pelosi? Schumer? Castro? Bob O’Rourke? Spartacus? Bernie? Kammy?

Hell no! These useless idiots only care about their insidious and dangerous ideological agenda that puts all of our lives and well-being in danger.

As reported by KRGV (Rio Grande Valley Texas):

“The Department of Homeland Security says sickness and disease are following Border Patrol agents home from work. Agents in the Rio Grande Valley sector alone are managing over 250 migrant [illegal immigrant] flu cases. More bodies to the border mean more risk of disease for the border agents.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to the vice president of the National Border Patrol Council Chris Cabrerra “I think one night they had 19 agents call in sick with some type of symptom or some type of illness,” said Cabrerra. He says agents come into contact with lice, scabies, pneumonia, tuberculosis, measles, mumps, the chickenpox, and endless strains of the flu, and aggressive chest colds.

Rene Perez worries about the health of her husband, who is an agent, and their three children. She says as soon as her husband gets home, he goes straight in the shower. “In the past, I wouldn’t have thought about it. And now I’m like ‘there are all different strains of flu,’” said Perez.”

Have we heard a damn word about this from the party of the jackass? How fitting. Have we heard any of the progressive socialist leftist news outlets report this and show concern about the health, safety, and welfare of these border patrol agents and their families? Absolutely not. What is most disturbing, and disconcerting is the left in America has clearly evidenced that they care nothing about American citizens. The fact that they all support open borders, where massive amounts of drugs flow into our country, killing our young generations, is beyond telling. All of those mindless lemmings who raised their hands at the recent debates offering free healthcare to those entering our country illegally. They are not “migrants,” not undocumented workers, newcomers, or any other absurd moniker that these socialist bestow upon them.

Are we a compassionate nation? Of course, but we are also a nation with a rule of law, and sovereignty to protect, as well as citizens to safeguard. Those items should rank first, and foremost, especially for elected officials who take an oath to our Constitution . . . unless their fingers were crossed behind their backs.

As Dr. Drew has articulated — thanks to the failing policies of leftists in California — mayors in Los Angeles and San Francisco, we could be facing the scourge of typhoid and the bubonic plague. All because these progressive socialists will not deal with the burgeoning homeless issue. And, now, in the capital of Texas, Austin, they have passed an ordinance allowing homeless to set up tents, just as in those cities in California.

Does the left want a major disease outbreak in America? Is that the means by which they believe that they can force us into a government takeover and single-payer healthcare system? Nah, I am not a conspiracy theorist, but why is it that these leftists are willingly exposing Americans to disease and pestilence?

Honestly, do you really want these jackasses to be in control of our country?

Let us all lift our US Border Patrol agents and their families up in prayer and ask that our Judeo-Christian God will wrap a blanket of protection around them. Let us gird ourselves with strength and courage to defeat the other scourge in America, that of progressive socialism, an even more deadly disease when one considers the millions who have died at its hands.

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